The nation went into a state of shock and disbelief when news of Divya Bharti passing away at the tender age of 19 splashed all across. The woman with an angelic face and incredible talent, died of a fatal fall from her Versova building on April 5, 1993. Divya was married to Sajid Nadiadwala back then. The debate over whether it was a suicide or an accident still keeps grabbing spotlight. Here, we give you a detailed account of what happened that night.

Divya Bharti
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Blow-by-blow account as per a Stardust report

Neeta Lulla, her husband Dr Shyam Lulla, Divya's brother, Sajid Nadiadwala and Divya Bharti had a get-together and Divya's Versova home. Around 11.30 pm Sajid Nadiadwala left for a meeting with Punkej Kharbanda to discuss something related to the film 'Andolan'. Divya confided in Neeta Lulla about being depressed and kept having drinks, says the report.

Divya's brother apparently left to have dinner with their father and Divya poured some more white rum into her glass. She switched on the set and sat on her balcony's parapet, where the report claims she usually used to sit. However, that night, she lost control and crashed down. Divya's skull was fractured, had broken ribs and even the hip bona had cracked. Mr Lulla and another director from the building rushed her to the hospital. But she was proclaimed dead on arrival.

Divya Bharti
Divya Bharti

What next?

Neeta Lulla and Divya's maid went to inform her parents' of the news at their home. Divya's father broke down upon reaching the hospital and yelled, "They have killed my daughter. Burn down everything." Her brother, on the other hand, blamed himself for leaving her alone. "She was very depressed, she told me that. But, I didn't know she would do such a thing."

Sajid Nadiadwala arrived at the hospital looking shaken and shattered. When foam started oozing from his mouth, doctors realised he had had a heart attack looking at Divya's mortal body. Slowly word got around and people from the industry started coming to the hospital.

Neeta Lulla's statement to the police

In her statement, as per the Stardust report, Neeta Lulla told the police that she was not sure whether Divya had jumped off from the balcony or whether she actually fell as it all happened suddenly. Bharti's father told the police that Sajid and Divya were not married and were to get married in three months. Divya Bharti's last rites were performed as per Hindu religion.