Veteran actor Govinda was the ruler of the silver screens in the late 90s. He had been one of the favourite actors of Bollywood and a genuine person by heart. With his flamboyance, infectious smile, quirky dance moves and the 'No 1' franchise, the actor just slew in the industry in his era.

Govinda and Divya Bharti
Govinda and Divya BhartiTwitter

However, he was also a lot in the limelight for some of his infamous affairs. In fact, his love life was nothing less than the story of a Bollywood film.

The actor was always linked up with his co-actresses whether it be Karisma Kapoor, Rani Mukerji, Juhi Chawla, Raveena Tandon or Divya Bharti.

When Govinda spoke about his fondness towards Divya Bharti

Govinda's hush-hush affair with Rani Mukerji happened after he had already married Sunita Ahuja. Despite being married, the once star of Bollywood was continuously in the news for his alleged affairs.

Govinda, Divya Bharti, Rani Mukerji and Neelam Kothari
Govinda, Divya Bharti, Rani Mukerji and Neelam KothariTwitter

"Well, I am a firm believer in destiny. What has to happen, will happen. Yes, I like Juhi a lot. Even Divya Bharati. Divya is a very sensuous girl. It's difficult for a man to resist her. I know Sunita is going to be very upset with all this. But she should know that I am still resisting Divya's charms. I haven't given in to the temptation as yet..."

Even before Govinda's marriage, he was repeatedly linked with Divya Bharti, speculation was rife at that time, about Chi Chi's marriage with Neelam Kothari that never happened. 

There's a second marriage in my Kundli: Govinda

He ultimately settled down with Sunita but was perennially linked with his co-actresses. Govinda himself opened up on his flamboyant nature in a no holds barred interview with Stardust wherein the veteran actor revealed there are were high chances of him marrying Divya Bharti.


All of this because Govinda couldn't resist her charm, and he also revealed that there was a high probability of second marriage in his Kundli.

"Tomorrow, who knows, I may get involved again, and then, maybe I will marry the girl I get involved with. But Sunita should be prepared for it. Only then will I feel free. And there is a second marriage in my Kundli," he was quoted as saying.