Looking back, we know Divya Bharti was magical onscreen. The young actress would light up the screen every time she would be in the frame. Though her career was short-lived, the diva left a mark in the industry. However, despite all the love and adulation she received, not everything was rosy for Bharti all the time. Divya had a massive showdown with Aamir Khan which left her in tears.

Divya Bharti, Aamir Khan, Juhi Chawla
Divya Bharti, Aamir Khan, Juhi Chawla

Aamir Khan was supposed to perform with new starlet Divya Bharti on a tour. However, he claimed, owing to her erratic behavior, he couldn't perform with her. On the other hand, Divya was heart-broken over a much senior Aamir refusing to perform with her and bringing in Juhi Chawla to replace her.

In an interview in March 1992, Bharti had lashed out at the actor. A Pinkvilla story quotes the actress saying, "Aamir is not the one who should be upset with me. I'm the one who should be upset with that man. What happens when you're on stage live for a show, it's but natural that you might make a mistake. I did make a mistake which wasn't noticeable and I covered it up immediately. But Aamir noticed only because he knew the movements. The next thing I hear is that Aamir had informed the organisers that he wanted to rehearse with Lollypop, (the choreographer)'s sister Chiclet. What could I say?"

Aamir Khan and Divya Bharti's dispute
Divya Bharti; Aamir KhanInstagram

Divya further said that she was upset when she saw Aamir Khan doing the number with Juhi Chawla on stage instead of her. Divya said that Juhi already had a number of performances and she had very few in comparison. She also claimed that Aamir Khan refused to perform with her citing he was too tired. It was then that despite a broken foot, Salman Khan stepped in to perform with her.

Divya added, "But tell me, what difference does it make to him if I ignore him or not? I always greeted him with a 'hello sir'. I didn't ignore him at all. If I did too, it was obvious why. Believe me, I was so upset that I sat in the bathroom and cried for hours. I was very hurt. But I had to be brave and go out there and perform. As we were all paid to do so. I'm still very quite upset with Aamir's starry attitude. Thank god for Salman and his genuine niceness."