Karan Johar, Ayushmann, Rajkummar

Trust Karan Johar to come up with the most unabashed and unfiltered statements. At a recent FC Adda with Anupama Chopra, Karan Johar again spoke at length about the 'bubble' world the actors get into after a few hit films.

Speaking on the topic, Karan Johar, also seemed to have taken a direct pot-shot at Ayushmann Khurrana and Rajkummar Rao, who are riding high on the success of their hit films this year. When Anupama Chopra asked the producers whether the 'star chahiye' factor is still there and whether some actors are still delusional, to which K Jo said, "Well, it is a disease. Everyone has it. It's in levels but, we are all a little delusional."

Talking about the entourage costs, KJo said, "You are hitting a raw nerve, it's like a dukhti rag. They're all crazy! Crazy, with a capital 'C'. They're cuckoo, many of them. Just because their two films do well suddenly it's all me, myself and I. And I am like Hello, every film has a different scale. He also added that it's exhausting to sit in monetary discussions and is also embarrassing and delusional."

Talking about how Karan Johar tries to empower younger actors, the ace director said, "Its always about high concept and big events. Big event films definitely need the big stars, you can't justify that. But for high concept, you can totally take a chance. Like whether its 'Badhai Ho' or 'Stree', they are devoid of very big stars, I mean, now they are all big stars as a result of these films. I hope now these actors, all these wonderful actors, Raj and Ayushmann and Vicky Kaushal, I hope they really are solid and sensible about their monetary choices. Because its very easy to be swept by an industry where you have money being offered to attend events, endorsements, opening ceremonies and wedding. Money keeps coming at you in a way. So you start thinking 'I am huge'."

Well, we certainly see a valid point in what KJo said. Are the upcoming stars listening?