Director Sriram Adittya's Telugu movie Devadas (Devdas/Deva Das) starring Nagarjuna Akkineni, Nani, Rashmika Mandanna and Aakanksha Singh has got good review and rating from the audience.

Devadas is an action comedy film that is high on bromance and romance quotient. Sriram Adittya has written the story, screenplay and dialogues for the film, which has been produced by C Ashwini Dutt under his banner Vyjayanthi Movies. The film has received a U/A certificate from the censor board and its runtime is 2 hours 44 minutes.

Devadas story: The movie is about two men with contrasting personalities - a don named Deva (Nagarjuna) and a doctor named Daasu (Nani) and the two become friends. How they transform each other and the way they end their journey forms the crux of the story.

Performances: Nagarjuna Akkineni and Nani have delivered brilliant performances, which are the highlights of Devadas. Rashmika Mandanna and Aakanksha Singh don't much screen space, but their chemistry with actors is good. Naveen Chandra, Murali Sharma, R Sarathkumar and Vennela Kishore have done justice to their roles, say the audience.

Technical: Devadas has decent production values. Mani Sharma's music, Shamdat Suinudeen's camera work, dialogues, action and dance choreography are the key highlights on the technical front, say the viewers.

Devadas movie review live updates: We bring you some viewers' reaction to the film shared on Twitter. Continue to see the audiences' response.

BARaju @baraju_SuperHit

King @iamnagarjuna is terrific with his superb screen presence. Entertainment, romance, action, emotion mix ayina Deva character lo Nag adaragottaaru. #DevaDas #FunWithDevaDas Natural Star @NameisNani scores with his natural performance as Das. Nani impresses with his innocent act. #DevaDas #FunWithDevaDas #DevaDas is a full-on entertainer with an emotional touch. Scenes between Nagarjuna - Nani are a treat to watch. Manisharma's terrific BGM standsout along with melodious songs. Songs look lavish onscreen. #FunWithDevaDas After Mahanati #AswiniDutt delivered another blockbuster #DevaDas in @VyjayanthiFilms. Film looks ultra rich with outstanding production values. Top class camerawork by Shamdat. Heroines Aakanksha, Rashmika looks beautiful onscreen. Rashmika did a crucial role in #DevaDas which marks her Hat-trick blockbuster after Chalo and Geetha Govindam. #FunWithDevaDas Director Sri Ram Aditya handled this Multistarrer very well by perfectly blending fun with emotions. A feel good film with ample amount of entertainment. #DevaDas #FunWithDevaDas @SriramAdittya

Chotu Ganesh‏ @GaneshMhanta1

Watched #DevaDas Fantastic Movie Songs, Visuals, Direction, Acting @iamRashmika I'm Shocked seeing you in Police look ♥ Nailed it @iamnagarjuna Kirrakkk sir Acting some Emotional scenes killed it @NameisNani Always Natural Star natural Acting Loved it Innocent expressions, Acting , Emotional scenes @AkankshaSingh4 U did really Good job @SriramAdittya @VyjayanthiFilms @murlisharma72 @Naveenc212 @Viacom18Movies @adityamusic @

Kill Bill‏ @KillBilPandey

Good 1st half Interval lo twist @iamnagarjuna heroism in few scenes konni closeup shots super unnai @NameisNani kuda baga chesindu #DevaDas

Sri Harsha Vardhan‏ @Polusriharsha

#DevaDas : Interesting 1st Half Overall ga Ok Entertaining Interval Twist. Nice Nag Stylish Acting Nani Comedy 3/5 #DevaDas : In 2nd Half Nani Performance Outstanding Nag Cool Acting With His Stylish looks Good Message . Climax Baga Thiseru Fight , Drama , Comedy All Mix Director 2nd Half Baga Direction Cheseru Naresh Comedy Also good . Music Top spl Nag ki Vache Bgm Overall Ga : Cool Movie But Inka Better Thiyachu Nag And Nani Petukoni But Good Watchable Movie 3.25/5

Raghava‏ @raghava339

#DevaDasFromToday #DevaDas Good 1st half Below par 2nd half Plus:comedy, friendship scenes Minus:story iamnagarjuna @NameisNani Performance wise @iamRashmika looks eye feast One time watchable and time pass entertainer ✋

Sikander‏ @sikender_nag

A twist in the tale @iamRashmika as under cover cop Nani is super hilarious. gud first half pretty happy .. Sri Ram Aditya Nag ni superb ga choopicchadu waiting to watch the second half #DevaDas

Raghava‏ @Raghava4mahesh

#DevaDas superb first half pre-interval 20 minutes very gripping interval twist bagundi Nagarjuna charishma, Nani comedy timing excellent, fantastic

VeNkaT.R(/eNk!!'zZ)‏ @BeingVenkat

#Devadas will be funny for people who are desperate for sime weekend getaways. @NameisNani @iamnagarjuna chemistry Raw peg la super ga undi. @iamRashmika under used as a glamour doll . Watch it , majority will like it.

Konduru Dinesh Raju‏ @KonduruDinesh1

Done with the #DevDas. Still I stucked with some movie scenes after the show. #comedy & #Emotions in the movie &especially the MultiStars @NameisNani ( #Das ) @iamnagarjuna ( #Deva ) combo scenes are fantastic. Congrats & thanks for the #FunFeelGoodMovie. #DevDas #BlockBuster.

Vamsi-Shekar‏ @UrsVamsiShekar

#DevaDas: First half done! Thoroughly entertaining. Deva and Das are superb Songs are visually rich . Cinematography is top class

Sowmya‏ @Sowmya9991

#DevDas Just for hilarious combination @NameisNani & @iamnagarjuna,u both rocked,Do a Sequel . Nice work @iamRashmika @aakanksha_s30 .Must watch entertainer,loads of fun @VyjayanthiFilms ! Spl mention to #ManisharmaGaru #BlockbusterOnTheWay , Congrats Team Hilarious movie , thoroughly enjoy . Chala baga chesaru nani garu, variation undhi me acting lo , chala believable ga unaru Dasu character lo . Total justice chesaru only you can pull of this character! #DevDas #BlockbusterAlready

Diganth Pranav‏ @diganthpranav

#Devadas Whatta movie.. Feel good and thoroughly entertaining.. Great stuff.. @NameisNani was outstanding,such a talented guy he is.. Comic timings peaks @iamnagarjuna He is the star of the movie @iamRashmika I want to just say "I love you"❤️ she is Gorgeous and Cute Watched #Devadas half an hour ago, Still not able to come out of the hangover. How often does a movie makes you laugh, emotional and feel good at the same time ❤️❤️❤️ A repeat stuff.. I loved loved Nag-Nani's rapport and chemistry... #Devadas @iamRashmika You little lady.. You held your own even though you had less screen time.. Was bowled over by your innocence and cuteness in climax boat scene.. Congrats on hatrick❤️❤️ You deserve all this and many more..

Vamsi‏ @vamsi_madhav

@NameisNani @iamnagarjuna #Devdas simply Laugh Riot enjoyed a lot #ManiSharma Garu master of Background music @SriramAdittya nicely handled the script bro #USApremiers @VyjayanthiFilms congrats on b2b hit after #Mahanati

Dheeraj Batchu‏ @dheerajbatchu

#devdas @iamnagarjuna @NameisNani amazing frst half fully loaded with fun and light moments!!

Marenna Vadde‏ @Deccanfilm_Com

Morning show over in Anantapur.. #DevaDas Final Report-Average Stuff.. Nothing New in the story.. #Director not succeeded in using Two Stars.. Bad Direction & Screenplay.. Highly Disappointed Stuff... కిచిడి కామెడీ స్టోరీ Rating: 2 #NagarjunaAkkineni #Nani

Josh vinay‏ @kickvinay

Heart fully laughed while watching #DevaDas movie. Thoroughly enjoyed. @iamnagarjuna @NameisNani @iamRashmika @aakanksha_s30 @SriramAdittya. @iamnagarjuna Anna ..You can peacefully enjoy your holidays..#DevaDas movie is already a blockbuster..Fans show response adiripoyindi. @NameisNani entertained a lot in #DevaDas .You deserve the tag "Natural Star".@iamnagarjuna anna screen presence no words.'N'o 'A'ge 'G'od. @iamRashmika as pooja in a police officer role.What a twist in the movie. @aakanksha_s30 chemistry with @iamnagarjuna simply super.#DevaDas @SriramAdittya what a talent you are having.Perfectly handled @iamnagarjuna @NameisNani @iamRashmika @aakanksha_s30.ATB for future projects.

Vicky‏ @VlCKY_264

Nag's screen presence + Nani comic timing = Feast for audience #Devadas #Devadas is a raju hirani kind of entertaining film blended with south indian essence .. hittu bomma !! #Devadas Prepared for Nag's show .. but nani's entertainment came out of the syllabus !! Definitely his best till date #Devadas

Mohan Chaitanya Reddy‏ @mohanvatrapu

#Devadas is a fun ride. @NameisNani steals the show with the help of @iamnagarjuna and @iamRashmika is a surprise A decent watch this weekend #UsaPremiers

Genuine view‏ @myviewk

#DevaDas Review - First half good. Interval . Second half avg. Climax good. Genuine review Rating - 2.999

Raghu Nandan Reddy‏ @Ragsblr

#DevaDas Very good first half. Thoroughly entertaining. Nag & Nani chemistry Excellent. Interval twist #DevaDas Overall good film with all all ingredients in place. Nag's attitude and screen presence is at the highest level. Excellent performance by Nani. Kudos to talented young director @SriramAdittya

Thyview‏ @Thyview

#DevaDas @NameisNani entry hilarious. Waiting for Deva's entry. Buildup too much iccharu with #ManiSharma thope BGM #DevaDas @iamRashmika is drop dead gorgeous With an interesting twist 1st half comes to an end.A tad bit long but di @SriramAdittya delivered what he promised. Scenes between @iamnagarjuna & @NameisNani cameout really well.Songs look rich onscreen @VyjayanthiFilms kada..comedy works Let's see how 2nd half fares #DevaDas #DevaDas Highlight scene of entire 1st half. @NameisNani is hilarious in this scene

Pannala harish‏ @harishpannala

#DevaDas 1st half picks up pace after a dull start.. Nagarjuna kummiyo..Nani playing the innocent role pretty well.. #DevaDas 1st half comes to an end with an interesting turn of events. Nagarjuna just kummiyo..Nani is playing his part very well. Nani provides the major comedy relief in the 1st half. Pretty good 1st half. 2nd half should be interesting Playing your part extremely well @NameisNani ..well done. @iamnagarjuna maree andanga unnaru sir #DevaDas 2nd half lo @NameisNani @iamnagarjuna confrontation scene lo Nani performance..

Srikar Chagarlamudi‏ @chsrikar777

#DevaDas 1st half my review: 1st 20 mints started slowly & makes very good screenplay after #Deva enters . Fun filled first half with excellent songs on screen ... a twist before interval . Totally first half super hit #DevaDas on way to blockbuster #DevaDas blockbuster hitttuuuuu rasipettukondi from Ganesh song to till end cards , movie oh range Lo undhi . Comedy , songs, action what not everything ... pakka commercial movie wait for the twist in the climax scene #DevaDasBlockBuster Bromance b/w ŃÁℊ & Nani main pillar of the movie , @SriramAdittya congrats Man U never let down the movie , it has been raising all the way & the songs came according to situations only My rating 4.25/5 Final verdict : bromance >>>> romance #DevaDasBlockBuster There were some fans stuff in #DevaDas but I don't want to spoil others excitement so I didn't take the snaps . Entry scene , past days college getup etc. u better watch & enjoy guys #DevaDasBlockBuster

Chaitanya Somavajhala‏ @ChaitanSrk

Done with the first half. Looks good with all the fun elements. Nagarjuna-Nani comic timing is fantastic. Set for a good second half. #Devadas

Hero No.1‏ @HeroNo120364017

#DevaDas 1st half: Extremely boring. No story at all & comedy, that fails to impress. #Devdas #DevaDas Another horrible Product. One of the worst films of the year. Can easily avoid. 1.5/5 #Devdas

Harsha‏ @harshareddy_7

Entertaining 1st half @iamnagarjuna entry & Nag - Nani scenes #DevaDas 2nd half Good @iamnagarjuna nuvvu keka boss @NameisNani #DevaDas

Vikkyy‏ @Vikas20105

#Devadas @iamnagarjuna @NameisNani Just done with the 1st half. 1 word Extraordinary. Nag screen presence awesome. Full of fun. #Devadas #Devdas @iamnagarjuna @NameisNani Premier done. Bomma ssssuuuupppeeer Hiittu. Addiripoindi. Full of fun. Nag intro pichekkichadu. Nag sir meku 60 years na it's pure pleasure watching u onscreen.

$uke$hReddi‏ @meSukeshReddi

Done with first half, small twist interval mundu Hilarious fun ride #DevaDas @iamnagarjuna kummings superrrbbb

Sachin Avenger‏ @sachin2805117

Even Nani Dream sequence in #DevaDas is copycat of Analyze this.. Watch the similarity... #BiggBossTelugu2 Concept of Analyze This aka #DevaDas.. Character of Don will rub on Doctor(Open & Fearless Nature).. Character of Doctor will rub on Don(Emotion & Love).. #BiggBossTelugu2 As expected #DevaDas is copy cat of Analyze This.. I am pretty sure there will be a dream song where @Nameisnnani has a dream that Nagarjuna rivals come & kill him but Nagarjuna cannot do anything & calls him papa papa #BiggBossTelugu2

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