While all relationships need care and sensitivity to it, there are few where one needs to tread with caution. The equation between Hema Malini, Dharmendra and Prakash Kaur's relationship has been the same. When Dharmendra decided to tie-the-knot for the second time, both wives were sure of the fact that he was going to be equally involved in the lives of both the families and wasn't going to leave one behind.

Both Sunny Deol and Hema Malini have always been asked the same question about their equation with one another. However, both the stars have always maintained that they care for each other and have immense respect for one another. While we have never seen Hema and Sunny socialising together, Sunny did come forward and took care of Hema Malini after she met with an accident

Hema Malini, Sunny Deol
Hema Malini, Sunny DeolVarinder Chawla

.The absence

So when it was time for the Deol sisters to tie-the-knot, naturally, all eyes were on the Deol brothers. Whether or not Sunny and Bobby would attend the marriage remained one of the biggest talking points on those days. However, as speculated, neither Sunny nor Bobby attended the wedding of Esha Deol with Bharat Takhtani.


A TOI report had said that Sunny and Bobby both wanted to attend the wedding ceremony of Esha since they bear no ill towards the two sisters. However, thinking of their own mother, they decided to give the event a miss. "Both Sunny and Bobby love Esha and Ahana a lot. They're very much the doting protective Big Brothers. Whenever they are abroad, Sunny and Bobby bring suitcases filled with shoes, belts and clothes for Esha and her sister. They wouldn't have liked to miss the big day for anything in the world. But finally the fragility of the world that Dharmendra has created within and outside his home, had to be kept in mind."

Whether or not the two brothers attended the wedding, one knows for sure that their good wishes have always been with the two sisters. "That Sunny and Bobby couldn't attend Esha's wedding was a personal defeat for Dharamji. It was a reminder of the fact that his two families would never be the one. His ire was totally justified," it further said.