Wife stabs ex-hockey player
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A 52-year-old businessman was brutally murdered after he confronted a group of men who harassed his daughter in New Delhi on Sunday. Dhruv Raj Tyagi had gone to the house of one of the youth to complain to his parents about lewd comments made against his daughter.

After Tyagi reached the house of the accused, a heated argument broke out with 20-year-old Mohammed Shamsher Alam. It quickly escalated into a fistfight. Soon, two others came and attacked Tyagi and stabbed him. Tyagi's 19-year-old son Anmol was also severely injured in the incident.

According to reports, the incident took place at WZ block of Basai Darapur village near Moti Nagar when Tyagi and his 24-year-old daughter were returning home from a hospital. "Some boys standing around the corner of the road passed lewd comments against his daughter," a police officer said.

Tygai warned them for their misbehaviour but they continued to verbally harass her even as they abused him. After dropping his daughter home, Tyagi went to the youth's house to complain against his behaviour. 

Hearing the commotion and his father's cry for help, Anmol ran into the house where he found him being attacked. Anmol was also stabbed twice on his neck and abdomen. Both Tyagi and his son somehow escaped from the clutches of the youth and ran out of the house.

Worried over the incident, the Tyagi family had informed the police. By the time Tyagi and Anmol came out, the police and some people had gathered around the house. They quickly shifted the victims to a hospital where they were treated in the ICU.

Tyagi succumbed to his injuries on Monday and his son is being treated as his condition is still critical. Moti Nagar police have arrested Alam and his father for the murder of Tyagi and the attempt to murder Anmol. The Tyagi family alleged that there were many people present during the whole incident and some had also recorded videos but none of them intervened in the matter.

The main accused, Alam, is a habitual offender, who was recently released from prison for another attempt to murder case. He is also an accused in several other cases of assault. The police have also nabbed other people involved in the assault of Tyagi after interrogating Alam.