Deepthi Nallamothu in Bigg Boss Telugu 2
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Sriram Latish, the MD of Ramit Solutions has denied his role in the fake voting for Deepthi Nallamothu in the opinion polls to choose the winner of Bigg Boss Telugu 2. He has filed a case against Kaushal Army for threatening him.

Bigg Boss Telugu 2 is set to have its finale this weekend and five contestants are in the fight for the winner's title. It is known that Kaushal is the top contender for the title and Geetha Madhuri is the next most popular contestant in the house. Kaushal has received the maximum support of over 70 percent viewers all these days, while other contestant shared remaining 30 percent votes.

But to everyone's surprise, Deepthi Nallamothu was leading public opinion polls, beating Kaushal. This development has baffled many viewers especial Kaushal Army. Some of them took to Twitter to opine that she is leading the race due to fake voting and Ramit Solutions behind this act. A few even requested host Nani and makers of Bigg Boss Telugu 2 to take action against it.

Sai Likhith‏ @Likhith96

@NameisNani garu, if u don't mind, please enquire about relation between @RamitSolutions #RamITSolutions and #DeepthiNallamothu. There is confirmed evidence regarding it. Though you have fear to reveal it public in #bb2telugu this saturday, its ok. But just remember the relation

Telugumovie USA‏ @TelugumovieUsa

@RajivAluri @StarMaa please take care of fake votings which #tv9deepthi has hired #ramitsolutions as well as some other PR's What's the purpose of the show then? Please we request you.. That fake voting is really hurting the sentiments of people. #BiggBossTelugu2 #KaushalArmy

But the bosses of Ramit Solutions were quick to respond to the claims of Kaushal Army. Sriram Latish, the MD of the company, filed a complaint, requesting the police to find out the culprit. In his complaint, he said that his company is meant to promote brands and Deepthi Nallamothu is one of his clients.

In his complaint, Sriram Latish also claimed that he has received several threat calls from Kaushal Army and he is scared for his life. He also enclosed the list of the phone numbers with the complaint. Later, he took to Deepthi's Facebook account to share the copy of the complaint. He also posted a comment explaining the same.

To all the people who are thinking that Ramit solutions is doing voting for Deepti. If u have any proper proofs only comment so that you will be helpful for the investigation. They had filed a case in cyber crime to investigate those email ids from which ip they are created and to which contestant the voting has been done. Without proper proofs just don't believe fake allegations. The document which was uploaded in social media can be created very easily. So pls don't believe in all fake news. If u comment without proper proofs you will also be liable as spreading the rumour. @deepti_nallamothu_fc @deeptiarmy_bezawada @deeptinallamothufanpage @deepti_big_boss_contestant @team_deeptinallamothu @deepu_goldenheart #deepti #deeptinallamothu #teamdeeptinallamothu #vijayawada #nallamothu