Rakhi Sawant, Deepak Kalal
Rakhi Sawant, Deepak KalalInstagram

It seems like there's no end to Rakhi Sawant and Deepak Kalal's annoying drama. Recently, Rakhi had been in the news for her secret marriage with an NRI which eventually turned out to be fake. And now Deepak continues to add more sequences into his real life drama wherein he claimed that Rakhi is two months pregnant with his child.

In a video, Deepak blasted Rakhi for being irresponsible during her pregnancy which could've caused harm to their unborn child. And when Rakhi was recently asked about marrying Deepak, she told the media that the latter is like a brother to her.

Post her wedding to her NRI husband Ritesh, Rakhi had been sharing her photographs which she claimed were from her honeymoon sans her husband. Though she revealed his identity, she refused to post his photograph on social media saying that her husband wants to refrain himself from being in the limelight.

She also claimed that she got married in a room at JW Marriott hotel. Rakhi had revealed that she got married in a court first, and then in a Hindu ceremony followed by a Christian ceremony at last. However, many believed that Rakhi's marriage announcement is fake and nothing more than a publicity gimmick.

Earlier, Rakhi and Deepak had staged their wedding gimmick. A few days after sharing their wedding invite, Deepak had shared some unwanted information of him and Rakhi being virgins. The certificate certifies that the couple has had no sexual relations till date. Sharing the virginity test, he claimed that Rakhi is "pavitra" from 'aage se', 'peeche se' and 'neeche se'.