Rakhi Sawant's marriage is fake gimmick, Deepak Kala slap video also staged
Rakhi Sawant's marriage is fake gimmick, Deepak Kala slap video also staged.Instagram/YouTube screenshot

Rakhi Sawant's recent claim to have gotten married to an NRI is yet another fake one to gain publicity. Her marriage is completely a fake news that she has intentionally spread to stay in news.

Rakhi had grabbed headlines by recently claiming that she got married to an NRI named Ritesh. Since then she is seen wearing vermillion on her forehead, and has been posting pictures, making herself look like a newly-wed woman.

However, till date she did not share a single picture of her so-called husband. If that was not enough, she recently posted a video on Instagram that showed Rakhi's so-called sister-in-law slapping YouTuber Deepak Kalal for allegedly making abusive comments on Rakhi's "husband". Apparently, even that video was planned by Deepak himself in collaboration with Rakhi to gain some mileage.

While the entire marriage drama always seemed to be a publicity stunt, we are now sure that Rakhi pulled off this fake act only to stay in headlines. One source close to Rakhi told International Business Times India that the entire wedding drama is fake.

The source further said that Deepak himself planned the recent video, and gave Rs 5 lakh to Rakhi to record it in order to gain some publicity for himself too. The lady in the video is also not her sister-in-law. Interestingly, Deepak himself again posted the same video of being abused by the lady on his Instagram page, which again pretty clearly suggests that it is just another publicity gimmick by the two controversial personalities.

It is to be mentioned here, Rakhi few months ago had claimed that she and Deepak were going to get married. The two had held press conferences to make the announcement. However, even that time, it all had turned out to be just a hoax. Well, Rakhi certainly knows how to grab attention, but we wonder for how long she will play the same marriage gimmick!