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Dear Zindagi movie review by audience: Live update. Pictured: Dear ZindagiTwitter

Director Gauri Shinde's Bollywood movie Dear Zindagi starring Alia Bhatt, Shah Rukh Khan, Kunal Kapoor and Ali Zafar has received positive reviews from audience.

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Dear Zindagi is a comedy drama. Director Gauri Shinde has written the story and screenplay for the movie, which revolves around budding cinematographer Kaira (Alia Bhatt), who is in search of perfect life. She happens to meet Dr Jehangir Khan aka Jug (Shah Rukh Khan), an unconventional thinker. The rest of the movie is all about how Jug helps Kaira gain new perspective about life.

Gauri Shinde has chosen a simple and yet a meaningful subject for Dear Zindagi, which offers an important message besides providing entertainment. The film showcases that happiness is all about finding comfort in life's imperfections. The director has created a brilliant screenplay, which is engaging and entertaining right from the beginning till end, say audience.

Dear Zindagi revolves around the character of Alia Bhatt and she has done justice to her role. Shah Rukh Khan has played an extended cameo role and managed to impress the viewers. Ira Dubey, Kunal Kapoor, Ali Zafar and Angad Bedi are there in supporting roles.

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Dear Zindagi has been produced by Gauri Khan, Karan Johar and Gauri Shinde under the banners Red Chillies Entertainment, Dharma Productions and Hope Productions respectively. The movie has good production values and music, cinematography and selection of beautiful locales are the attractions on the technical front.

We bring you some viewers' verdict on the movie shared on Twitter. Here is the live update of Dear Zindagi movie review by audience:

Faridoon Shahryar ‏@iFaridoon

Writer Director Gauri Shinde's #DearZindagi is a delightful take on getting to terms with your life with a little help 4m friends of course. Considering Alia's character is a cinematographer turned filmmaker I'd b keen to find out how much #DearZindagi is Gauri's own life story.. #DearZindagi is non compromising,breaks conventions,abundant usage of English n scoffs at what's regularly acceptable,follows its own pace Sum films make u part of their paradigm n start owning u.Everyone may not identify with it but then #DearZindagi never pretends 2 b 4 every1 The layered writing of #DearZindagi gets u emotional,makes u romantic,makes u laugh.. Dialogues r amazing.. So what if they r in English!! Alia Bhatt is such a gifted artiste.She's pretty n v young but there's a volcano of talent that explodes wid herculean ambition #DearZindagi Alia's idiosyncrasies,the temper tantrums,the beautiful romanticism n thn d outburst b4 parents.What a bundle of brilliance #DearZindagi Shah Rukh Khan,d superstar takes a backseat n SRK d incredible theatre actor takes over.Theraav,quirky humor,poise,Grace. Uff! #DearZindagi Age is not a barrier for people to fall in love.. People fall in love with beautiful attractive human beings not their age #DearZindagi Ali Zafar is a delight in a cameo.. He sings n romances n kisses.. There's an amazing vitality that he brings to the table #DearZindagi Kunal Kapoor is a damn good looker n a v fine n underutilised actor.. #DearZindagi will get him noticed in a big way... The actress who plays Alia's friend Jackie is a riot.. She brings in some really entertaining moments in the film #DearZindagi Amit Trivedi's music aids n caresses the narrative forward.. Wonderful songs, nice lyrics n u take back the music home #DearZindagi Goa has been presented beautifully n u become a part of the laid back Magnificence... The night sea shots r too inviting #DearZindagi The pace of the film is slow but the overall impact gives you a high that a great movie does.. Caters 2 a select class audience #DearZindagi If grt performances,superb writing,enriching music n a wonderfully directed film is wat u r in search of,Don't miss #DearZindagi It stays!

Rahul Gangwani ‏@Itemboi

Few films stay with you long after credits roll. #DearZindagi is one. What a sweet and beautiful film! Congratulations, @gauris @karanjohar! It's such a joy to watch @iamsrk on screen! His charm and presence take #DearZindagi to an altogether different high. One of his best! How can @aliaa08 surprise every single time? What a phenomenal performance! Not one note wrong. She and @iamsrk create magic. #DearZindagi

Amin Ajani ‏@AminAjani

#DearZindagi is a fresh & a terrific film that stands out in Bollywood. @iamsrk and @aliaa08 chemistry is charming and genuine. In #DearZindagi @iamsrk steps completely out of his comfort zone and delivers a serious, mature, and a riveting performance. Simply amazing

J ‏@jiteshpillaai

Once in a blue moon, comes a measured, lyrical film. #DearZindagi is outstanding. The writing, the tehraav, the narrative. Congrats @gauris Every once in a while comes an actor who makes you believe in everything they do. @aliaa08 you are the finest actor of this generation.Magic And then there's him. Everyone will want to go to a therapist like Jahangir Khan, the magical @iamsrk. Not a single false note, he's superb

HollywoodBollywood ‏@TukurTukurDekh

#DearZindagi is an experience.@gauris story telling works yet again! Every actor nails their respective roles.. @iamsrktheking @aliaa08 shines! @iamsrk role is an extended cameo but he is the soul of the movie until the very end. #DearZindagiReview @iamsrktheking If Hollywood has Robin Wlliams in Goodwill Hunting we have @iamsrk in #DearZindagi So proud of him to have done this! #DearZindagiReview No 1 could've pulled off Jahangir.His humor,intellect & spontaneity must be inspired by real life @iamsrk Well done @gauris #DearZindagi @aliaa08 all awards are yours this yr. You go girl! I loved her in Highway but I could see she has groomed herself even more #DearZindagi Watch #DearZindagi Experience @aliaa08's journey, learn 2 manage yourself, find or be a mentor, love your zindagi and spread smiles @iamsrk

Shruti T ‏@srksuperfanatic

@iamsrk @aliaa08 Omg what an engaging film. I laughed, cried, and just felt every moment of it. #DearZindagi Thank you, @gauris ❤️ @gauris Thanks for bringing real female characters to life on screen. Can relate to so many of Kaira's struggles & emotions @aliaa08 @iamsrk @iamsrk Seriously, there needs to be a sequel or spinoff with Jug's character. You just want to know more about him ❤️ #DearZindagi @gauris @iamsrk Seriously, I need a Jug in my life #DearZindagi @iamsrk Some of the things you said were profound. Took the audience a few secs to absorb. Loved the use of those pauses & silences @gauris

Shashank khaitan ‏@ShashankKhaitan

#DearZindagi celebrates imperfection in the most beautiful way. @gauris showcases a girls heart and her complexities so well... super like @aliaa08 performance in the film is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious .... even this word does not do justice to her brilliance #borntoact @iamsrk is just tooooo goood in #DearZindagi ... The aura he exudes is just unparalleled #fanforlife

Shaheen Abbas ‏@ShaheenAbbaz

Watched #DearZindagi tonight! @gauris Take a Bow The film touched me on too many different levels.. cant get it out of my head. And @KausarMunir u will one day have to tell me 'yeh aadha sa dil, main kaise lagau?' More power to you my friends @gauris !So dam well done Also, if i get a therapist like @iamsrk am willing to be in therapy all my life hahahha!!! #DearZindagi @gauris @KausarMunir

Mahi K ‏@mahiskay

Wow wow wow wow wow #DearZindagi I can't get over how much I love you. @gauris you are such an incredible director! We need more you, preferably every year. @iamsrk was charismatic, charming, and so touching as Dr. Jahangir Khan. Can you be my therapist please? @aliaa08 ...I don't even have words to describe how incredible you are. You were effervescent, natural and a joy to watch. And finally but not last, my gorgeous, charming Aditya Roy Kapur. I SAVORED every second you were on screen. Love you so much #DearZindagi #DearZindagi you are my favorite film of this year ❤️