Sania Mirza and Veena Malik

While to many the Twitter feud between Sania Mirza and Veena Malik might seem like a classic case of two-women fighting it out on a public platform, in retrospect, the entire fiasco was nothing less than a major and shameful blow to the entire womankind. While Veena Malik, through her tweet, wanted the world to see how Sania was failing at her motherly duties, it was Sania who decided to stoop down a level further and reminded Veena of her 'hazardous' magazine cover photos. What appeared to be a casual disagreement between the two ladies, soon turned into an episode of uncalled-for mudslinging, which the duo would probably regret for a long time. And rightly should.

Moral policing: Both Sania Mirza and Veena Malik are strong, independent and head-strong individuals. Both have often been subjected to various levels and degrees of moral policing on public platforms and they have fiercely given it back, every single time. However, when it came to each other, what the ladies did is quite ironical. At-a-time when the world is fighting for women rights and gender equality, Veena raising concerns over Sania's 'maternal duties' and Sania reminding Veena of her 'hazardous photos' is exactly the thing we don't wish to see happen. They failed to see that it was not a backyard argument but were serving a sorry instance for the world to see. Failing to realise that the next time they decide to shut a troll for moral policing on them, this incidence is what would come back to haunt them.

Role models: Sania and Veena have been immensely successful in their own fields. There's no denying that. While Veena Malik freed herself from the shackles of sexist and misogynist mindset and did everything at her own terms, it was Sania who showed the world that gender doesn't define the amount of success one can get. Both women have inspired many young girls and women with their determination and perseverance. However, in their own, social media self-righteousness, the two went to the place, from where there was no coming back.