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Sania seems to have taken a break from TwitterIANS

While Pakistani fans vent their ire at their cricket team for losing to India by a big margin in their ICC 2019 World Cup match, specific players are also suffering the wrath of experts and lay people alike. The entire drama taking place on Twitter regarding Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza's outing to a restaurant seems to have forced the Indian tennis star to declare that 'it's break time' from the social media platform.

Does this mean that Sania has gone off Twitter? It certainly seems so. The 32-year old hasn't tweeted for more than 12 hours now. Just prior to her last tweet, she was involved in a rather ugly exchange with Pakistani actress and model Veena Malik.

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Not only was her parenting questioned, because people assumed that her infant son was also at the restaurant where her friends were smoking hookah, but she was also being trolled for her nationality. Veena Malik taunted her by saying that she has shown her 'true colours' by not worrying about Pakistan's performances.

But Veena's caustic remark is only the tip of the iceberg. Pakistani fans are mercilessly going after Mirza for, supposedly, being the cause of her husband's poor performance. Despite her stern reply that she is not responsible for the diet and health of Pakistani cricketers, the Indian sporting icon is not being heard by Pakistani supporters.

This is despite the fact that Shoaib Malik issued a clarification stating that the dinner at which he was shown in the video took place two days before the match and not on the eve of the game. Furthermore, Pakistan team management have also issued a statement that none of the players were out of their hotels past the 'curfew' time.

Even Sania's tweet in response to the video, which has been taken down and the account which tweeted it deactivated, is clearly sent on June 15. So, it couldn't have been on the night before the match. Let's see what happens next in this drama. Considering that Shoaib Malik's performances have been poor, it is likely that his international career is all but over.