OnePlus CEO and co-founder did a poll of sorts to assess the demand for a fast-charging power bank, which will expand the company's portfolio of smartphone accessories. Pete Lau simply asked his followers to retweet his post to show support for a power bank on Monday and thousands of users responded.

Lau's tweet doesn't necessarily confirm that a OnePlus power bank would be launched, but it sure drops a major hint favouring that move. In fact, a OnePlus power bank has been long in demand by consumers and it is the right fit in the company's portfolio and this is the first time the company has officially addressed the product.

Launching a power bank won't be new to the industry, but OnePlus could still make a difference in this category with some thoughtful integrations. Here's what we expect from OnePlus power bank for it to be an awesome product people would love to buy.

Fast fast-charging (naturally)

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Lau mentioned power bank with fast charging, so there's little doubt it will be launched without it. Even then, we wish the OnePlus power bank is as good as OnePlus car charger, which charges a OnePlus smartphone as quickly as the power adaptor. If the OnePlus power bank could offer 30W fast charging, it will be a great USP and certainly, stand out in the crowd.

Wireless charging

Ever since OnePlus joined the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), rumours about wireless charging support in OnePlus phones have been spiked. But what could be really exciting is if OnePlus brings wireless charging support in its power bank. Surely it is a long shot, but it makes sense for the company to launch a product that's future-proof and what better way than tapping the highly demanded feature.

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The red element

The red element is likely to be intact in the OnePlus power bank as the red charging cables have served as a signature look. The company even capitalised on this concept with its "Red Cable Club" in India and it would be fitting to see a consistency in design across all OnePlus products.

Besides the red cable, we hope the company challenges the normal design of power bank to bring in a compact, sleek and aesthetically pleasing design.

It will be interesting to see how OnePlus will live up to our expectations. If the power bank is indeed in the offing, we expect the company to launch it alongside OnePlus 8 series in late March or April.