Dear Comrade screen count in Karnataka and US
Dear Comrade screen count in Karnataka and USCollage of BookMyShow Snapshots

The hashtags like #BoycottDearComrade and #StopTeluguImposition are taking Twitter by storm after the Kannada version of Dear Comrade got lesser screens than its Telugu version in Karnataka.

The dubbing of non-Kannada movies in Kannada has been the most debated topic in recent years in the state. There are two group split between pro- and anti-dubbing and a lot of thoughts have been exchanged between the two gangs. But the court cleared the issue by giving permission for dubbing and some Tamil movies have already been dubbed and released in Kannada in the last one year.

Dear Comrade is the latest non-Kannada movie to be dubbed and released in Kannada. When the makers announced to dub it in Kannada, many viewers across the state was excited to relish this intense love story in their own mother tongue. But to their dismay, the Kannada version of the movie, which has hit the screens today, has been released in lesser number of screens than its Telugu version in the state.

This development disappointed and angered many Kannada filmgoers, who took to Twitter to blast the makers and distributors of Dear Comrade. The viewers claimed that it is an act of imposition of Telugu language on Kannadigas. They asked when its Kannada version can have 25 shows in a foreign country like the US, why only 21 shows in Karnataka, where the Kannada is the mother tongue of most the people?

These upset filmgoers also held the Kannada film industry and its anti-dubbing activists responsible for this development. They said that there is an organised racket in Karnataka, which wants to fail dubbing of Telugu films in Kannada and impose Telugu on all Kannadigas. There is a kind of silent protest going on Twitter under the hashtags like #BoycottDearComrade and #StopTeluguImposition.

Here are some viewers' comments posted protested against the makers and distributors of Dear Comrade:

Ganesh Chetan @ganeshchetan

Imposition of any other language on Kannadigas without dubbing the content in Kannada is a direct attack on the identity of Kannadigas. Let this be clear. It is a fundamental attack on us. There is a very organised racket in Karnataka which wants to fail dubbing of Telugu films in Kannada and impose Telugu on 6 crore Kannadigas. We will fight them. #BoycottDearComrade #StopTeluguImposition Abhi Nandan @Abhinandan248 Davanagere has 3 shows Telugu and 1 Kannada! What pathetic business stratdgy is this? Distributors aren't bothered about more profits? Why haven't they thought abt providing content in Kannada in a city like Davanagere?Or is it by plan? #BoycottDearComrade #StopTeluguImposition

Sava SD @Sava06822615

#StopTeluguImposition Whats the point in dubbing the movie and releasing it in original language. More shows should be given to Kannada version.I have not watched any Telugu movie in theatres, so wanted to watch this one in my language but it is not happening #boycottdearcomrade

Amarnath S @Amara_Bengaluru

There is a clear game that cartels are running. Ensure that dubbed Kannada movies dont get release in more theatres. That obviously generates miniscule share. Show this data to the outside world that dubbing in Kannada wont work out #StopTeluguImposition #boycottdearcomrade Theatre owners in Karnataka would prefer maintaining status quo and play Telugu versions which they have been doing for years. This cycle has to be broken slowly and strategically. Sad part here is that nobody wants to give it a try. #BoycottDearComrade #StopTeluguImposition You have got to blame KFI and KFCC for having sold the entertainment market in Karnataka totally to Telugus. #DearComrade shows are un-naturally higher for Telugu version Davangere : 3 Telugu, 1 Kannada Bidar : 4T , 1K Kalburgi : 11 T, 1K #BoycottDearComrade #StopTeluguImposition

Chandra Shekar T @tchandras

#BoycottDearComrade #StopTeluguImposition Kannada audiences were happy when heard a Telugu movie @DearComrade was getting simultaneously released n Kannada. But unfortunately #KFIKannadaDroha cartels have made sure that kannadigas don't get that opportunity by minimizing KA versn

Ramachandra.M/ ರಾಮಚಂದ್ರ.ಎಮ್ @nanuramu

Karantaka's lingua franca is Kannada. And it's common sense to cater its people in the lang they understand. But the KFI goons with their age old cloak and dagger business, are giving the Telugu version of #DearComrade maximum screens despite a Kannada version #boycottdearcomrade

ಮಂಜು Manju @yenilla

This simultaneous release of Dear Comrade in Kannada is a joke. 8 shows in 5 theatres in entire Bengaluru. And 250+ shows in 65 theatres in Telugu. This will lead to a larger campaign and protests. #BoycottDearComrade #StopTeluguImposition

Ratheesha BR @ratheeshaBR

#DearComrade Kannada screening 21 shows in Karnataka, and 25 shows in USA!!! So, what do you think? There should be someone here, trying to stop Kannada dubbed version right? #BoycottDearComrade #StopTeluguImposition

Shashidhara @shashiseetharam

Theaters run non kannada movies even if viewers are in single digit and no shows. few movies supported by KFI gets some kannada crowd. After few yrs when they replace Kannada movies, people start watching non kannada movies. Its time to #BoycottDearComrade #StopTeluguImposition

veeh @VHalamani

#BoycottDearComrade thought of watching it but they have made a mockery of us in the name of dubbing. It's as good as no Kannada version at all.

Darshan Gowda @darshanGowda_HR

#DearComrade movie released in theaters in Telugu version than Kannada version.Stop hurting Kannadigas ego everytime. Why the hell they are releasing the movie in Telugu in Kannada districts like Chikmagalur, Hassan, Shivamogga n all? #StopTeluguImposition #BoycottDearComrade

Babu Ajay @Babuajay316

It's 25 shows in USA vs 21 shows in entire Karnataka, it will be naive to believe there are no KFI proxies at play limiting Kannada shows in KA, and give a subtle message that no takers for Kannada version. #StopTeluguImposition #BoycottDearComrade