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Deadpool 2 releases this weekend. After the first set of reactions made their way online, film critics have shared their Deadpool 2 reviews and most of them have been positive.

The Ryan Reynolds starrer has scored a stunning 85 percent on Rotten Tomatoes' Tomato Meter and has been certified "fresh." The movie has scored higher than the first Deadpool. The 2016 release Deadpool holds a score of 83 percent on the platform.

The cast of the X-Men movie's sequel have been teasing that Deadpool 2 will be better than Deadpool and judging by the reviews, the promise has been delivered.

Several reviews are admitting that it is indeed better than the first Deadpool and the massive success of Deadpool isn't just a coincidence. Check out what the critics are saying:

  • The Hollywood Reporter: Another laugh-stuffed remedy for superhero fatigue. While its most delightful surprises are toward the beginning of the credit roll, it's worth sitting through to the end — especially for any viewer who was too distracted by the decapitations, fireballs and impalings of the final battle sequence to make out the lyrics of the Carmina Burana-ish chorus playing in the background.
  • The Verge: Deadpool 2 proves the first movie was no fluke. Despite the periodic weaknesses, it's nearly impossible to walk out of this film without wanting to see where Ryan Reynolds is going to take this character next. Deadpool proved that audiences were hungry for a superhero as self-aware as they are; Deadpool 2 proves that character can actually ground an ensemble.
  • Variety: In almost every respect, this sequel is an improvement on its 2016 predecessor: Sharper, grosser, more narratively coherent and funnier overall, with a few welcome new additions. It's a film willing to throw everything — jokes, references, heads, blood, guts, and even a little bit of vomit — against the wall, rarely concerned about how much of it sticks. Plenty of it does, plenty doesn't, and your enjoyment of the film will be entirely dependent on how willing you are to ignore the mess left behind.
  • Forbes: Brolin is fine as Cable and the pay-off to the X-Force material is spectacular. [Deadpool 2] works as an action movie, a comedy and a superhero flick, remembering to be a stand-alone feature first and an "in-joke wink-wink"-er second. It took two tries, but Deadpool 2 is a solid superhero comedy that finally has fun playing with itself. And yes, stay for the credits.
  • ABC News: Reynolds is once again at his arch and nihilist best here, while acting and jumping in so much facial prosthetics that it makes him look like he's inside melted cheese — or, as the first movie put it, an avocado that had relations with an older avocado.
  • Reynolds delivers a funnier, more brutal yet heartfelt sequel; an X-Men movie on cocaine. Deadpool 2 [is] a sequel that ups the ante in every way imaginable. There are funnier jokes, a ton of classic X-Men characters, a lot more violence, and some absolutely bats**t crazy moments that will leave you wondering how exactly Ryan Reynolds got away with making this movie.
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  • The Guardian: Only Brolin's Cable gets anything resembling a fleshed-out character. Dennison gets some space to make an impression but he's virtually reprising his Hunt for the Wilderpeople persona, and Deadpool's bromance with Colossus is the most meaningful relationship in the movie. More problematic is Deadpool's cool, new African American accomplice Domino, played by Atlanta's Zazie Beetz (at one point he refers to her as "black black widow"). Her superpower is luck, which gets the plot out of many a corner, but doesn't extend to the script giving her any decent lines.
  • The New York Times: Deadpool 2 dabbles in ugliness and transgression, but takes no real creative risks. [Deadpool] is angry, violent, disrespectful to everyone and everything, and at the same time thoroughly nontoxic and totally cool. Sure. Great. But there is something ever so slightly dishonest about this character, something false about the boundaries drawn around his sadism and his rage.

Deadpool 2 releases on May 18.

Check out Deadpool 2's trailer below: