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Ryan Reynolds returns to the big screen with his X-Men role in Deadpool 2. The R-Rated movie, whose prequel broke several box office records at the time of its release, was screened this week and critics have shared their first reaction online.

Abiding by Reynolds' request to not spoil the movie for fans, the critics have shared their spoiler-free opinion about the movie. Deadpool 2 reviews as of yet are positive. Many critics feel that Deadpool 2 is funnier than the first one.

Molly Freeman, from Screen Rant, felt that Cable and Domino stand out in the movie. "I think it's more ambitious, and it pays off. There's plenty of humor, action & drama — and the movie balances it well. Cable & Domino are standouts (I love them and I can't wait for #XForce). Plus there are some FUN surprises," she tweeted.

Cinema Blend's Sean O'Connell tweeted, "So, #DEADPOOL2 is the perfect sequel. Doubles down on everything that fans love about the original, and fixes some of that film's issues. Huge, huge laughs that play the audience like a fiddle. @VancityReynolds destroys as Wade. Great action, fantastic comic nods. A killer ride!"

People's Nigel M Smith shares, "#Deadpool2 is no doubt the most violent major release since Kill Bill Volume 1. It's also funnier than the first and has me genuinely excited for a sequel. Oh and it features a ton of Canada jokes, so of course I loved it." 

Chris Sylvia, who writes for Regal Movies, tweeted, "#Deadpool2 took my expectations, blew them up and regenerated as a top tier superhero movie loaded with filthy laughs, an unstoppable force of a team and more heart then it probably should have." 

Many attendees are also teasing an epic post-credits scene. "Safe to say it features the best post credits scene EVER. I'm still recovering," Smith added. Uproxx's Mike Ryan added, "I didn't like the first Deadpool. DEADPOOL 2 beat me into submission until I was actually enjoying myself. Also it features my now favorite post credit scene."

IndieWire's Kate Erbland shared, "#Deadpool2: I'll say this, it earns the hell out of that R rating. And the cameos. And the post-credit scenes." Thor Diakow, film critic from BT Vancouver, had just one line to say, "Believe the hype."

Deadpool 2 releases on May 18.

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