David Beckham
Beckham committed violation of traffic rules for a second timeJoe Raedle/Getty Images

Former England footballer David Beckham has been handed out a six months ban on driving for using his mobile phone while at the wheel. The order was delivered by Bromley Magistrate's Court in London on May 9. Apart from the ban, the 44-year old former superstar of the sporting world also received a fine of £750 from the judicial authority.

Beckham had previously also violated traffic rules related to driving speed and was carrying six points on his license before the latest transgression. By incurring six more points due to this incident, the former Manchester United icon faced legal action and was handed the punishment by Judge Catherine Moore.

Getting into trouble

The incident occurred on November 21, last year, when the 44-year old found himself in slow-moving traffic. Beckham had his mobile phone in hand at the time and, keeping it around his knees, operated the device. This action was considered enough for the retired footballer to incur the stated penalty.

David Beckham
The former England superstar was also finedALBERTO PIZZOLI/AFP/Getty Images

The judge accepted that the pace of the traffic was slow and therefore, the retired midfielder wasn't posing a very high level of risk. But she still considered the offence inexcusable under the law. The prosecutor, on his part, stressed on the fact that Beckham, because of his use of the mobile, was not looking ahead, something that posed a danger to the safety of traffic.

The former English captain pleaded guilty but also said that he has no recollection of the event. For evidence, the prosecution had presented photos taken by an individual who was also part of the traffic. Beckham's lawyer declared that the sporting superstar finds driving a 'relaxing' activity and also enjoys taking his children to school as well as bringing them back, something he would be denied for six months to come.

In 2017, the former superstar of football world was accused of overspeeding and accepted his guilt. But through a crafty legal manoeuvre, avoided prosecution. However, he couldn't avoid six points being inflicted upon his record, something that came back to haunt him.