The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Domino's Pizza Group, David Bauernfeind had passed away in a snorkeling accident on December 26. Bauernfeind died while he was on a holiday with his family.

David Bauernfeind
An announcement about David Bauernfeind's successor would be made in due course.Twitter

"Our Chief Financial Officer, David Bauernfeind, died in a tragic accident on Thursday, 26th December whilst on holiday with his family," the British company said in a brief statement.

An announcement about his successor would be made in due course.

A spokesman for the London-listed company, a master franchisee of U.S group Domino's Pizza Inc, later said Bauernfeind, 51, was on holiday in Mauritius with his wife and daughter when the accident occurred.

Bauernfeind was named permanent CFO in October 2018 after taking on the role on an interim basis for some time. He was previously CFO at the newspaper distributor and parcel delivery firm Connect Group.

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