Earlier, it was a very novel and innovative video that featured the police men themselves in uniform and masks dance to a recent Mallu hit chart to show the proper procedures in washing our hands with soap and water. Now, the Kerala cops have yet again hit the social media with their recent video that shows how a layman can fight against the novel corona virus when you have the Kerala police and the doctors association backing you all the way long.

In a video shared on Twitter, the police have tried to demonstrate how the infection can be prevented by taking few simple steps- with a mask and a hand sanitiser.

kerala police
kerala police

Netizens laud the efforts

The Kerala Police and the government now works under a message for all - "break the chain" of Coronavirus pandemic.

The two-minute long video is the brainchild of the IPS officer Manoj Abraham and begins with a man walking aimlessly on a street, throwing pebbles at a tree when he sees the Coronavirus. The video that will surely tickle your laughing bone then shows the man screaming and running as fast as a cheetah, scared of the coronavirus that waits and starts chasing him out there on the streets.

Bengaluru woman

But after running some distance, the man stops and turns around confidently as he gets flanked by a police officer and a doctor who hand him the sanistiser and a face mask.

'By the people' forever

"We stand by the people," the text with the video translates.

The video is dedicated to all the health workers, media personnel and others who are fighting the pandemic all day and night long, the police say in the tweet.

Kerala reportedly had India's first positive case reported on COVID-19. The total number of the cases in the state is now around 40. However, the hard work and measures used by the Kerala government, police and health department to curb the viral spread is widely appreciated. They have put up a strong battle to combat the COVID-19 pandemic situation, with a major portion of the general public abiding to the government's rules.

Watch the Kerala police viral hand washing dance video here: