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In a bizarre incident, Heather Webb from Norwich, UK, has been banned from singing inside her own apartment because her voice apparently sounds like a drowning cat.

The woman was handed a 24-month Criminal Behavior Order in December last year. According to the court order, the 48-year-old was ordered to not sing "at a volume which can be heard from outside her property." But she ignored the order thrice.

One of her neighbors, Paul Burford, complained that the woman sings loudly in her ground floor apartment. He added that "she sounds like a drowning cat to be honest."

Burford also managed to record some of her "erratic opera singing" on his mobile phone, which he also played in the court during one of the hearings.

Another neighbor, who lives in the same building, reportedly said that she had to use her headphones to avoid the noise.

"When I first heard it, I took my headphones off and went to the window to make sure that her flat was where the noise was coming from, and it was. It comes from that flat constantly,"

According to a report by Eastern Daily Press, the woman has now pleaded guilty to breaching the contract on January 8, 9 and February 7. Thus a no-bail warrant has been issued against her now.

During the hearing in the court, Webb said that she could not remember whether she sang on January 8.

The row actually started four years ago based on the complaints of Webb's neighbor as they went ahead to fill up the anti-social behavior forms and sent them to the council.