While the number of cases on coronavirus keeps counting per day, the hospitals on the other hand in Bengaluru helplessly shut its doors to them. Adding up the plights of the suffering patients, most of the doctors and medical staff test positive for Covid-19. This has forced the hospital management sin Bengaluru to close its services for sanitation.

doctors in PPE suits
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Doctors in quarantine 

Additionally, as most of the doctors and staff are in their quarantine period, the hospitals can in no way help the patients in need either.

Lately, the Mangala Hospital in Yeshwanthpur has announced its closure as around 15 medical staff has been sent for quarantine.

"All the medical staff at the hospital, 15 of them,have been sent to quarantine and the hospital has been shut sanitisation work," confirmed Vijendra, the BBMP's Health Officer.

Earlier, major hospitals like Shifa Medical Hospital on Queens Road, Lotus Hospital in Basaveshwa-ranagar, Agadi hospital in Wilson Garden, and the Venu Health care in Bommanahalli have shut down its services.

Hospitals resume services 

A nurse and a doctor had tested positive in Shifa Hospital, which although later restarted its services. The Lotus Hospital, too, after its sanitisation works had resumed its operations.

Doctors at the Coronavirus isolation ward at the Patna Medical College and Hospital, on March 14, 2020.IANS

According to the BBMP official, the hospital can be reopened after a week's time, after the fourteen days quarantine period for the doctors. Sources also mentioned that the sanitisation works in the hospitals take at least four to five days.

Meanwhile, Karnataka has reported a sum of 705 Covid cases on May 7, Thursday. A 25-year old man and his mother have registered positive for the coronavirus test in Bengaluru.