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Only about 20 percent women achieve orgasms during sexual intercourse, says a University of Leeds study. Majority attain climax without the help of a man, be it by masturbation, using battery operated devices or even during intense gym workouts. This is called coregasm. 

According to experts, exercise-induced orgasms or coregasm can occur independently of sexual arousal. Generally when an intense cardio session is followed by core workout. About 10 percent women experience orgasms at the gym, irrespective of their age, weight and fitness level.

Scientists say that coregasm is attained during workouts as our body releases endorphins, happy hormones that make us feel excited and satisfied. And the best thing about this kind of orgasm is that they can go on for hours, although it might get a tad embarrassing in public. When exercises lead to pleasure, the contractions are felt in the inner thighs and abdomen as well.

If you think this is a millennial concept, you are very wrong. The concept of coregasm was introduced by sexologist Alfred Kinsey in 1953 in a paper called Sexual Behavior in the Human Female. Now, research has proved that exercises like running, weight training, sit-ups, climbing and cycling are more prone to give pleasure.

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Debby Herbenick, sex researcher and author of the book, The Coregasm Workout,  told Cosmopolitan that women are often surprised when they experience their first gym orgasm, but it is nothing to worry about. It is safe, healthy and of course pleasurable.

Women who have trouble achieving orgasms in bed can also experience frequent coregasms. In fact, this helps them understand their body better and applying the knowledge to sexual intercourse.

It is not only women who can have this pleasure. Herbenick says that almost as many men experience coregasms as women. For men, the best way to experience it is through climbing exercises. But it is more difficult for them to handle in a public place as it is accompanied with ejaculation.

Be it for men or women, doctors say that coregasms can be an enlivening experience, one that makes them feel more in touch with their bodies. So let's get going and hit the gym regularly. You might have a coregasm if you're lucky, but you will surely get fitter.