Many people suffer from libido related issues. Getting into the mood becomes a major problem. While there are several lifestyle changes one can make in order to achieve better orgasms, there are a few scientific medications that one can try to improve their sex life.

But if you are interested, there is a new "orgasm shot" aka "O-shot" that could also do the trick. According to The Sun, the injection not only helps boost your libido, it also provides prolonged satisfaction.

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The news about the shot broke out when a woman named Roxanne Macias from London revealed that she achieved multiple prolonged orgasms thanks to the injection. The 35-year-old was reportedly worried about her lack of sexual desire ahead of her wedding as she failed to have multiple orgasms.

Her worried state of mind led her to taking the injection and the results were evident soon after. Macias and her fiancé Vincent noticed the changes in her body, including an increase in the size of her G-spot, labia and clitoris.

"I began to feel tingly down there and Vincent noticed very quickly because it allowed me to achieve multiple prolonged orgasms," she said.

Before Vincent, Macias was in a seven-year relationship with a much older man where there was "virtually no sex" in the last three years of the relationship. The break-up left her "devoid of any femininity".

"When the relationship ended my confidence was shattered. The lack of sex meant that I felt devoid of any femininity and as a result my confidence was low," she said.

Following Vincent's proposal, the woman spent about £5,000 on preparing her body for the big day. This included everything from with facial cosmetic improvements to the "O-shot".

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The surgery-free process was performed at Elite Aesthetics clinic in Kent. According to a Mail Online report, the procedure is advertised to "increase your sexual desire, give you mind-blowing orgasms and even treat urinal incontinence" and costs about £1,200.

"The O-Shot PRP injection has given many women dramatic results. Almost all women who have had the injection enjoy an increase in their sexual response; like stronger and more frequent orgasms, decreased pain for those with dyspareunia (painful intercourse), increased lubrication, increased desire and greater arousal sensitivity from stimulation," Dr Shirin Lakhani, from Elite Aesthetics said.

However, the clinic's website warns that the results vary on factors like emotional health and the strength of your relationship.