Facebook to Charge $1 to Send Messages to Inbox

The social networking website Facebook, now a public company, is looking at more avenues to earn revenue with a billion plus active Facebook users. In order to maintain their user’s trust and gain more users in to its fold, Facebook intends to strengthen the security of the network so that the users’ privacy is secured within their group or community. Dec 21, 2012

Indian Railways Bags 11 National Energy Conservation Awards for 2012

The Indian Railways, the world's third largest railroad network, on Friday received 11 National Energy Conservation Awards, the highest ever by any Indian industry, for the remarkable achievements by its Zonal Railways in Energy Conservation initiatives taken in 2012. Dec 16, 2012

Apollo Telemedicine Service Launched in Yangon

The Apollo Group of Hospitals, one of Asia's largest healthcare providers, formally announced the launch of its telemedicine service in Yangon, Myanmar's former capital, on Dec 4. Dec 10, 2012