Colonel Sushil Tanwar Releases
Colonel Sushil Tanwar Releases "Mukhbir" - Tribute to Kashmir and its unsung heroesIBT

In the picturesque valleys of Jammu and Kashmir, where the serenity of nature collides with the echoes of unrest and terrorism, one man has dedicated more than half of his military career to serving his nation. Colonel Sushil Tanwar, a seasoned soldier, has now unveiled his debut book titled "Mukhbir," which offers readers an unseen glimpse into the heart of Kashmir and the sacrifices made by its people.

With fifteen years of his twenty-six-year military tenure spent in Kashmir, Colonel Sushil Tanwar brings forth a collection of seventeen gripping tales inspired by his real-life encounters in the valley. From facing terrorists head-on to enduring injuries in the line of duty, Colonel Tanwar's experiences resonate with bravery, resilience, and unwavering dedication to the nation.

Tribute to sacrifice and resilience

"Mukhbir" serves as a tribute to the countless martyrs who have laid down their lives in the pursuit of peace and tranquility in Kashmir. Among them are not only officers of the Indian Army, paramilitary forces, and police but also the ordinary citizens who have courageously stood against the tide of terrorism. Through his stories, Colonel Tanwar sheds light on the sacrifices made by these unsung heroes, painting a vivid picture of their courage and determination.

Colonel Sushil Tanwar, reflecting on his motivations for writing the book, shared, "We in the armed forces have got tremendous experiences, tremendous stories. We go to so many places, meet so many different kinds of people, and see all shades of human emotions from various perspectives. Therefore, we are in a much better position to understand what people go through in their daily lives."

He continued, "These stories reflect those experiences. There is a lot that is missing in common knowledge about not only the armed forces but the world in the street as well. I thought that as someone who has practically lived through all kinds of times, people, places, we are in a much better position to convey the ground realities."

Colonel Sushil Tanwar
Colonel Sushil Tanwar

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Colonel Sushil Tanwar's narrative skillfully navigates through the complexities of Kashmir, offering readers a multifaceted view of its landscapes, culture, and people. Each story in "Mukhbir" is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity, as well as a tribute to the indomitable courage displayed by the soldiers who serve in the region.

Colonel Tanwar hopes that readers approach the stories with an open mind, gaining practical insight into the lives and emotions of people in the armed forces and the complex dynamics in Kashmir. He emphasized, "My aim is to provide a well-read, truthful, emotional account of life in the armed forces and the relationship within the armed forces and really with the people in Kashmir."

A distinguished member of the Sikh Regiment, Colonel Sushil Tanwar's journey began with his training at the prestigious National Defense Academy in Pune. Throughout his career, he has made significant contributions to the field of Intelligence, earning accolades such as the 'Vishisht Seva Medal' for his exemplary military efficiency. With "Mukhbir," Colonel Tanwar demonstrates his prowess not only as a skilled soldier but also as a masterful storyteller, using his pen to honor the sacrifices of his comrades and the spirit of Kashmir.

Regarding the response to the book, Colonel Tanwar expressed encouragement, stating, "The aim of writing the book has been partly achieved. It has struck an emotional chord with a lot of people, resonating in the minds of many readers." He hinted at future literary endeavors, including works in Hindi, expressing eagerness to share more stories from his experiences in the Army.