The Bengaluru police have started to return the vehicles seized by them during the national lockdown on Friday, 1 May. Those vehicles seized first, will be returned first, said the City Police Commissioner on his announcement regarding the decision.

"The police have maintained the records of seized vehicles along with the registration number, owner name and the rider who was caught. They have even maintained the time, date and place of seizure. So, we will return the vehicle to the right owner only after verifying the documents. If anyone fails to produce documents, vehicles will not be released," a senior officer had told to the media.

Bengaluru under lockdown

But returning the vehicles seemed no easy task for the cops as well as the public.

Owners fail to produce the documents

At many police stations, vehicle owners have turned away for not wearing masks or failing to follow social-distancing rules. In addition to this, may were sent back for not carrying proper documents regarding the vehicle and its authority. As the banks were closed on behalf of the Labour Day on May 1, many were unable to collect the stamp papers too.

According to the city police, they have seized more than 50,000 vehicles including cars, autorickshaws and two-wheelers across Bengaluru after the implementation of lockdown. Finding no way out to curb the motion of people on roads despite the strict lockdown measures, the police had decided to seize the vehicles along with the huge fine amounts imposed.

The vehicles were booked under the Disaster Management Act, 2005 and IPC Section 188 (punishment for violation of prohibitory orders).

bengaluru police seize vehicles

Fines collected for seized vehicles

The vehicle owners who came to get back their two-wheelers and three-wheelers have to pay Rs 500, while the four-wheelers should pay Rs 1000 along with the submission of five documents.

The documents include the receipt of the penalty paid, Registration Certificate, Driving License, Aadhaar Card and a bond stating that they will not violate lockdown rules (to be produced at the police station concerned).

In addition these, the owners must ensure that they have paid all their pending traffic penalties online or at the Bangalore One centres before preparing to collect the seized vehicles.