While the government hospitals on one hand struggle with the whopping number of patients with Covid-19 symptoms, the private hospitals in Bengaluru have turned to cut the salary of its doctors due to the fewer number of patients.

Most of the doctors and medical staff at the private hospitals are threatened of salary cuts as the hospital management find it difficult to manage with their full salary amounts.

Coronavirus pandemic
Coronavirus pandemicIANS

Private hospitals in the threat

With the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic in the country, the needed medical checkup and flu clinics are arranged across the government hospitals. This has, in turn, affected the working of the private hospitals as no patients turn up to them. This shortage in patients' count has prevented the management from paying full salaries to their staff due to the shortage of money.

The medical staff and fraternity have been irked by this unprecedented action. The medical college hospitals affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences (RGUHS) have also taken a similar decision. Although, the university has recently issued a circular to all its colleges to not cut salaries of their staff during this lockdown period.

"Under the notice of Dr Sudhakar K, medical education minister, we have noticed that a few colleges are not paying salaries to their staff. The minister has given a strict call not to do us," said the RGUHS statement.

"Colleges affiliated to RGUHS shall not stop the salary of the college staff," it added, "and shall not remove the staff from the services during the lockdown period."


Meanwhile, the state has reported 13 new confirmed cases on Saturday, 2 May.

As the nation enters lockdown 3.0 on May 3, the Karnataka government has announced its decision to open liquor shops, malls and most of the commercial and industrial activities across the state from May 4. These measures but, are not applicable in the containment zones in the state.