Here are all the possible questions you might have about daily movement pass in Bangalore and their official answers, as per the Karnataka State Police department. Anyone who fails to adhere to the set rules will be facing strict action, which even involves impounding the vehicles. 

Should I take a pass if I need to go out for vegetables or medicine?

No. But people are not expected to buy groceries, medicines and vegetables every day. It's a lock down. Life is not to be normal as usual.

Should I get a pass to buy something that is not available in my area? Because police have barricaded every area and are not allowing me to go to other areas without passes.

You have to manage with what is available in your area. It's a medical emergency and lockdown. Adopting to that is inevitable.

I am a vendor of essential items. Do I need a pass to go to another area to get stuff for my shop?

Pass is not required. Empty trucks are allowed everywhere to transport essential items.

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Can I travel to my place of work without pass?

No. You are not allowed to travel.

I am an essential goods supplier. Can I send empty goods vehicle to another part of state to get stuff?

Yes. You can send your goods vehicle to transport essential items.

Should I get a pass if I am self-employed or from a startup and need to visit office once in a while to maintain essential equipment?

At the time of emergencies, what is essential is defined by government and not by people. Please follow government guidelines.

I need a pass to go to doctors. How do I apply?

Telemedicine over phones are operational for normal medical conditions. For emergencies please use ambulance or even Hoysala vehicles.

I need to visit my parents/siblings/wife/children who in other districts or areas of same city? How do I apply for pass and will I be allowed to visit due to an emergency?

It's a medical emergency and lock down. Life is not to be normal as usual. Please call Helpline numbers for emergency assistance.

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I need to visit another district because of death in my family due to causes other than coronavirus. Can I do so? If yes how do I apply for pass?

Yes. Permission can be taken from local police station for funeral ceremonies. Travel permission will be given after examination.

I need to go to my parents' house in another district because I don't have any help for cooking / I don't have any cooking equipment. Can I go?

No. You are not allowed to travel to other districts. Food delivery services are operational.

I am doctor working at a private clinic. Can I continue working?

Due to lockdown, clinics cannot be opened and people are not allowed to come out for general consultation. Please operate from home for emergencies.

Can I jog or run in the morning while maintaining 6 feet distance from others?

No. You are not allowed to jog or run in the morning until lockdown period is over. Please consult medical helpline for more details.

How do I apply for e-pass in Bangalore?

Procedure to apply for e-pass is available at : e-Pass help desk numbers are: 080-22942200/325/330

How to go about sudden medical emergencies?

Ambulance services can be called directly on 108.

How to get food for pets?

It can be ordered online/obtained from nearest grocery store.

For what purposes e-pass are available in Bangalore?

Essential services as mentioned in the government directive.

Do doctors & health care staff also need pass?

Their official ID is enough if they are going for work.

I want to use banking services for deposit?

Use online banking for this.

For how long e-passes will be valid in Bangalore?

It will be mentioned in the issued e-pass.

What to do if elderly parents are living somewhere else?

In that case contact local administration.

Whether soft copy is enough or hard copy of e-pass is required in Bangalore?

Only soft copy will be enough.

How to obtain repair services like water filter, RO plant, plumbing, etc.?

Many agencies that provide such online services have been provided e-pass.

Do I need to obtain e-pass to purchase grocery also?

Walk to your nearest grocery store and you do not require any e-pass for it.