YouTube: Mavi777

Popular conspiracy theory channel 'Mavi777' has uploaded an eerie video that shows a giant UFO-like object apparently hiding behind the clouds over Lemon Grove, California. The conspiracy theory channel also revealed that the video was originally shot by a local resident named David Hylander.

In the video, a dark object with distinct edges can be seen hovering across the skies, and it literally resembled those gigantic alien ships which we have seen in Hollywood movies like Independence Day and Mars Attack.

The video uploaded by Mavi777 soon went viral on online spaces, and conspiracy theorists blatantly started arguing that the UFO spotted in the Californian skies is an alien ship from the deep space. These conspiracy theorists believe that aliens are using advanced cloaking technology to hide their existence from the general public.

Viewers of Mavi777 also put forward various theories explaining the eerie sky sighting.

"What a wobbly cloud like edge that alien spaceship has! I wonder why they make them to look exactly like a dark cloud? They must be super advanced and clever!," commented Kris A, a YouTube user.

"I would love to hear what the government would say all of these things are," commented Frank Guerrero, another YouTuber.

However, experts have strongly dismissed the alien claims and made it clear that these are actually natural cloud formations. But adamant conspiracy theorists do not seem to believe this, and they argue that no clouds have well defined distinctive edges which that alleged UFO spotted in the sky possessed. Unless fact checkers vet the video and determine its authenticity, this remains a viral news.

Recently, a newsreader of a popular Argentine television channel had spotted a metallic UFO during a live show. This clip is now widely considered as the most authentic UFO video of recent times, as it was spotted during a live show.