YouTube: Paranormal Crucible

A conspiracy theory channel 'Paranormal Crucible' has recently uploaded an eerie video that shows a large triangular structure in the Nevada desert which is very close to the notorious Area 51.

The conspiracy theory channel apparently made this discovery using Google Earth, and the video footage clearly shows a strange triangular structure that does not appear consistent with its surroundings.

Using the web-mapping tools, the conspiracy theory channel measured the size of the structure and found that it is more than 1,300 metres in length. The video uploader also argued that the one corner of the alleged UFO is damaged, and they speculate that it might have been inflicted due to a crash landing.

Paranormal Crucible also added that the UFO spotted in the Nevada desert could be a crashed alien mothership that reached the earth from deep space. However, some conspiracy theorists alleged that the fallen object in the desert could be a secretive military vessel possibly the alleged anti-gravity vessel, popularly known as TR-3B among conspiracy theorists.

As per conspiracy theorists, TR-3B is an advanced military vessel developed by the US Air Force at Area 51 during the time of Gulf War. Conspiracy theorists allege that most of the triangular UFO sightings that happen all across the globe are a solid proof that substantiates the existence of TR-3B.

After watching the video, viewers of Paranormal Crucible too put forward various theories explaining the mysterious structure on Nevada desert.

"We already know that the government can make ships just like this so what makes us think this is from aliens from outer space?" commented Tessa Mae, a YouTube user.

Cesar Gonzalez, another YouTube user claimed that the object could be actually an alien UFO landing pad.

However, after analyzing the video, skeptics dismissed the alien UFO claims and made it clear that the object is nothing but a bizarre rock formation.