Red Skies
YouTube: MrMBB333

Popular conspiracy theory channel 'MrMBB333' has uploaded a strange video recently which shows British skies engulfed in blood red color. The clip features several photos apparently taken from Cardiff, Yorkshire and Worcestershire on October 23 and 24, 2018. The uploader of the video also revealed that these photos were snapped just a few moments after sunset.

The video uploaded by 'MrMBB333' soon went viral on online spaces, and it has already racked up more than 82,000 views on YouTube. As the video went viral, a section of Christian conspiracy theorists started claiming that the red color in the skies could be an indication that an apocalypse is imminent.

These theorists argued that the red skies and the recent rise in natural disasters are actually fulfilling biblical prophecies. In the meantime, some other doomsday mongerers argue that the red skies could be actually indicating the arrival of Nibiru, an alleged killer planet that could possibly be lurking at the edge of the solar system.

Most of the viewers of 'MrMBB333' are also apparently convinced regarding an imminent apocalypse which will hit the planet soon.

"Feel weird saying this, but the Great deception is soon upon us. Prepare yourself. JESUS is the guy to call on," commented The Investigators, a YouTube user.

"The sky is red according to the good lord because wormwood is here 1/3 of everything will be poisoned, moon turns to blood, rivers, lakes oceans already killing sea life, animals are dying in the thousands... ask Jesus for salvation so you won't get the punishment that's here (don't be the better late than never) people," commented Juanita Zook, another YouTuber.

However, experts were quick to dismiss the apocalypse angle, and they made it clear that the red skies during sunset may be the result of either climate change or due to the reflection of sun's rays.

A few days ago, Frank Hoogerbeets, a self-proclaimed earthquake researcher claimed that a mega earthquake will hit the earth during the Christmas period causing massive devastation everywhere. Hoogerbeets also made it clear that the planetary alignment which happens during the Christmas period might be the reason behind the trigger of major quakes on earth.