Clash of Clans
Clash of Clans Halloween update has been released.Twitter/ClashofClans

Clash of Clans, the popular strategy video game from developer Supercell, received Halloween update 2016 on Tuesday.

Apart from giving the usual dose of bug fixes, the update also lets players make use of limited one gem Spell brewing boost. Also, Skeleton Spells, Witches, Balloons and Wall Breakers will get cheaper and faster training.

Players are warned of "chilling surprises" during the game. Supercell said these surprises might appear during "very spooky time of year."

Supercell has also brought several new improvements to the game. A long press on the Clans Castle troop icon during the battle will now display troop contents.

Clans will now be receiving Friendly War invites even if they are "closed."

Here are the patch notes for Halloween update:

  • Fixed a bug related to the army training drag and drop feature. NOTE: Old app version will have the dragging in training disabled, players need to update to the new version for the training to work again.
  • Improvement: Long press on the Clan Castle troop icon during battle will display the troop contents.
  • Change in Train Troops and Brew Spells upper left UI: Changed total troops and total spells training capacity counters to not display over-capacity anymore; previously they would display 0/480 and 0/22 at max level, now they will display as 0/240 and 0/11 (over queueing still works as it used to).
  • Clans can now receive Friendly War invites even when the clan is set to "Closed".
  • Fixed issue with starting 5v5 Friendly Wars when the Clan has less than 10 members ("not enough eligible members" error).
  • Fixed issue when the Clan was unable to receive a new Friendly War invite when the old invite has been pushed off the clan chat and gets stuck.
  • Elders won't see anymore the Accept/Reject button for a Friendly War invite in the Clan chat (previously they could see the buttons and tap on them, but those actions would fail as only Leader/Co-Leader can do those actions).
  • Fixed showing the text "War win bonus" under a player name in the upper left UI, when scouting enemy villages during Battle Day in Clan War.
  • Prices for buildings in the Shop are once again shown in red colour when not enough resources are available for a purchase (used to be shown in white colour all the time).
  • Fixed issue with reloading Facebook pictures for friends, whenever tapping the Friends/Friend Requests tabs.
  • Fixed missing "1d" text for the single Collector boost icon + fixed "1h" boost text appearing on the collector boost button when selecting a barracks/spell factory before selecting the collector.

Earlier this month, Clash of Clans released a new update that brought new defence, revamped army training, added new content, brought balances and made friendly wars shorter.