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"Clash of Clans," the tower defence strategy video game from Supercell has announced details of an upcoming new August update. The company confirmed that the update will bring balance changes to the game.

It revealed that the August update will see Cannon damage increased in Town Hall 11-14. It also noted that Healers will once again trigger air traps. Previously, Healers were staying out of the defensive range. The company has reduced the speed of Miner movement. The new update will see that the attackers are able to deploy their army even before the Eagle Artillery gets activated.

Several players were unhappy with Supercell's decision to bring back Healers ability to trigger air traps. This is because some players use a strategy known as "Queen walk" or "Super Queen," where they use a high level Archer Queen, supported by four healers to attack enemy Villages. 

Supercell has clarified to players that Healers were a difficult unit to balance, and one has to think in terms of risk versus rewards.

Initially players were not ready to use Healers as they found it very risky. The Healers would get stuck with isolated troops and were seen wandering about the opponent's Village, thus triggering the air traps. So in order to fix this, Supercell removed the feature where Healers would trigger air traps.

But, some skilled players have mastered the game so well that when they deployed a group of Healers, all would survive the battle. This was mainly because they would be working behind Archer Queen and Bowlers.

Supercell said it believes that the Queen walk strategy is a powerful one and it does not want to remove it, but, at the same time it wanted to balance the game and so they will be bringing back this measure.

According to its playtesting, not more than one Healer is shot down during a well executed Queen walk. It said if players are not confident, they can add one more extra Healer when attacking the enemy.

Moreover the August update will delay the activation of Eagle Artillery, which will support the Queen walk strategy.