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NASA, the United States space agency recently revealed that three gigantic asteroids will swing past earth over this weekend. Now, popular Christian preacher Paul Begley has claimed that the arrival of these three asteroids was mentioned years before in the Bible.

As per Begley, these asteroids will arrive on the third day of "five waves of energy" washing over the planet, an event which he believes is more than a coincidence. Paul Begley also added that fulfillment of these biblical prophecies indicate that an apocalypse is imminent.

The Christian pastor believes that something ugly is apparently happening on the earth, and he made it clear that it could be the wrath of God.

"Three asteroids are on their way this weekend, we just found out within an hour. Three of them. They're not going to hit us, they shouldn't. They're going to come close and are coming the same weekend of the third wave of the five waves of energy. Now, 40 fireballs broke through the Earth's atmosphere last night, so what's going on here?" said Begley, reports.

Begley also claimed that the arrival of these asteroids is actually hinting towards the second coming of Christ. However, skeptics dismissed these apocalyptic claims made by Begley, stating that there is no scientific base for the Christian pastor's prediction.

As per scientists of NASA, these asteroids measure anywhere between 24.9ft and 98.42ft in diameter. In its closest approach, these asteroids may reach 237,037 miles away from the earth, which is considered a very short distance in cosmic terms.

A few days back, after analyzing Christian scripture, Begley predicted that rogue planet Nibiru, known as Wormwood in the Bible will bring apocalypse to the planet. He even added that a ninth planet could be lurking at the edge of our solar system and its close approach will result in a rise in natural disasters all across the globe.

"Is this the soft disclosure? We've been told there's a planet number nine, then they called it a dwarf star, it's already been called by the ancients Nibiru. We've known it as Planet X for about 70 years and then it was just called The Goblin two weeks ago. I mean, what are we talking about here? Put it all aside, the Bible probably tells you what we should call it--The Wormwood," said Begley.