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NASA/ Lynette Cook

Paul Begley, a popular Christian pastor has warned that the arrival of Planet X alias Nibiru will fulfill biblical prophecies and will finally result in an apocalypse on the planet. Begley argues that the reference of Planet X is mentioned in the Bible's Book of Revelation, Chapter 8.

As per Begley, the Book of Revelation had talked about signs which will happen in the universe before the doomsday.

"And the name of the star is called Wormwood: and the third part of the waters became wormwood, and many men died of the waters because they were made bitter," says the Book of Revelation.

Pastor Begley believes that the recent evidence collected by astronomers that suggest the possibility of a ninth planet on the outer edge of the solar system is substantiating the existence of Nibiru.

"Is this the soft disclosure? We've been told there's a planet number nine, then they called it a dwarf star, it's already been called by the ancients Nibiru. We've known it as Planet X for about 70 years and then it was just called The Goblin two weeks ago. I mean, what are we talking about here? Put it all aside, the Bible probably tells you what we should call it--The Wormwood," says Begley, reports

It was a team of top astronomers and planetary scientists who recently put forward some clinching proofs and incriminating evidence of an unknown space body that could be hiding beyond Neptune in the solar system. Michael Brown, a top scientist at the California Institute of Technology revealed that the so-called Planet Nine is invisible to the current observatories just because it stays in an area on space which is too dark.

The team of researchers also suggested that the mysterious Planet Nine could weigh between five to 20 times the mass of the earth. Interestingly, conspiracy theorists also believe that Nibiru has a gigantic mass, and they argue that the gravitational pull of this planet is capable of triggering widespread natural disasters in all nooks of the earth.

A few months back, David Meade, a self-proclaimed Christian numerologist had claimed that Nibiru will make its first appearance in the skies between June to December 2018. As per Meade, the arrival of Nibiru will result in an apocalyptic seven-year tribulation period followed by 1000 years of peace. He argues that the world will end forever after these 1000 years.

Even though claims regarding Nibiru apocalypse are spreading like wildfire on the internet, NASA has ruled out this possibility calling it an internet hoax. As per NASA, there is no factual basis for these claims, and they made it clear that Nibiru would have been visible to the naked eye if it is real.