Snake Western Wall
YouTube: screengrab / Western Wall News

Extreme Christian believers have started arguing that the return of Messiah and an apocalypse is imminent after a snake was seen wriggling out of Israel's western wall. In a recently shared YouTube video, a snake can be seen coming out of the ancient stones, thus scaring off a pigeon that was perched there.

"We are truly in the dangerous times that directly precede Messiah. Just as the pigeon is safe so long as it seeks shelter among the stones of the Temple Mount, the Jews are protected by the Torah commandments. When the pigeon comes out from the stones or the Jews move away from the Torah, they are in danger," Dailystar quotes the words of a Hebrew blogger, as reported by Breaking News Israel.

Jewish mythology claims that the evil incarnation is personified by the snake in Eden, and it will make the resurgence before the second coming of Messiah.

As the video went viral online, many people started claiming that the earth is going to face the inevitable apocalypse in the near future, as the second coming of Christ will happen anytime soon.

However, skeptics argue that there is nothing apocalyptic about the video, as the clip just features a snake crawling and a pigeon flying away which is absolutely a common scene in nature.

A few weeks ago, a red heifer born in Israel had compelled many to believe that an apocalyptic biblical prophecy has come true. As per these believers, red heifer is mentioned in chapter 19 of the Bible, and they argue that the heifer should be sacrificed to construct a third temple in Jerusalem.

It has also been reported that the Temple Institute, a religious organization based in Jerusalem has also apparently started researching about the birth of the red heifer to figure out whether this event is connected to biblical prophecies written thousands of years ago.