A video that shows an autopsy procedure conducted on an alien has been rounding the internet for many years. The video was originally premiered on Fox Television under the name 'Alien autopsy: Fact or Fiction', and in the show, musician Ray Santilli claimed that the autopsy was conducted on an alien body recovered from the Roswell UFO crash site in 1947. The British musician also made it clear that the clip was supplied to him by a military cameraman who wished to stay anonymous.

Was Santilli silenced?

However, in 2006, Santilli admitted that the released film was not authentic, and it was a staged reconstruction of the original clip. As per Santilli, the original clip became deteriorated, but there are a few frames from the original autopsy which were included in this reconstructed footage. The admission from Santilli put him on bad light, and several people alleged that the British musician had released the clip just for the sake of publicity.

It was filmmaker Spyros Melaris who reconstructed the video, and he apparently shot these visuals in his then girlfriend's house in Camden, north London. After nearly two decades of the video release, Melaris revealed that a foam alien sculpture filled with offal was used to fake the autopsy, and he also used animal organs and pig brains to fool the public. 

"It was not an easy task and, apart from the look and feel, the film had to be correct in every aspect — the props, the costumes, every little detail. I was fortunate to have access to professional filming and editing equipment. More importantly, I also had access to a handful of very talented people. For me, 'The alien autopsy' film was a challenge. Could it be done? As a magician, I wanted to create the biggest illusion ever performed on a global stage," said Melaris, the Sun reports

alien autopsy

But now, Scott C Waring, a popular alien hunter who is currently operating from Taiwan has claimed that the released clip was original indeed. Waring argued that the CIA has bribed Santilli to claim that the extraterrestrial footage is fabricated.

"UK musician Ray Santilli was paid by the CIA or MI5 working through the CIA to cause the public to stop believing in this raw footage from the Roswell UFO crash. I stake my reputation on that! For instance, the CIA had a program that started in the 1950s to use the money to cause disinformation and control what the public believes...its called Project Blue Bird," wrote Waring on his website ET Data Base.

A genuine alien autopsy performed by medical experts?

In his website post, Waring cited several reasons to substantiate the fact that the alien autopsy was real. As per Waring, fake videos started dominating the world in 2008 when YouTube started monetizing clips, but the autopsy footage was shot long back in 1947. The Taiwanese researcher also made it clear that the techniques used by the doctors in the video clearly shows that it was shot in the 1940s.

"The technique the doctors are using for the autopsy matches exactly how an autopsy would take place in the 1940s. The autopsy video shows detailed inside organs, blood, and bones that no video would show until the year 1970s. Not only is the autopsy of an alien seen in the video, but actual metal parts from the Area 51 crash site were seen in the doctor's hands with the only high detail of the alien writing symbols in existence," added Waring.