Chungha and Sunny
K-pop artistes Chungha and Sunny (Girls' Generation),

Songs have the capability to relax or excite the listener. However, for the singer and songwriter, composing songs or promoting them can be quite a stressful experience. Korean singers Chungha and Girls' Generation's Sunny have revealed how being part of the music industry has been mentally affecting at times.

As noted by website Soompi, Chungha and Sunny appeared on the September 7 episode of MBN's television show 'Real Life Men and Women 2.' It is here that the two K-pop artists talked about their experiences while making music.

Chungha talked about being both mentally and physically affected by the pressure of it. "I've noticed this while preparing for my album recently, but I get indigestion really easily. I feel pressured since I'm preparing for a solo album. With the burden that I have to do it all alone, I had a mental meltdown," she said.

As for Sunny, she said, "I don't know about solitude or feeling lonely. I actually enjoy just lying around alone. It's more tiring physically than mentally. My joints hurt because I'm using my body so much."

Actress Han Eun-jung, who also appeared in the same episode along with comedian Jang Do-yeon, said in response to Sunny, "I've felt lonely while promoting in the entertainment industry. There are many people who love me, but there are also times where I think, 'Why did I end up doing this?' I always go drinking whenever I feel like that."

In an earlier interview with JoyNews24 in February, Chungha had revealed that it was her pet dog that helps her cope with depression, prior to her debut. "To be honest, I was able to treat my depression while taking care of my pet Bambi. I felt lost and dejected when the debut of the idol group I was preparing for fell through. And that particular team was very dear to my heart that I even declined offers from other agencies," she had said.

Chungha said she had doubted whether the music industry was the right career path for her and this made her think whether her efforts were all in vain. The resulting gloom made her mother suggest she brought a home a pet. Animals are known to have therapeutic effects on depressed individuals. Take a look at Bambi below.