Apink's Eunji and INFINITE's Sungyeol
Apink's Eunji and INFINITE's Sungyeol in official stills from horror movie '0.0MHz.'

South Korea is well-known for its horror movies like 'Train to Busan' and 'The Host' to name a few. A new horror movie called '0.0MHz,' starring Apink's Eunji and INFINITE's Sungyeol just wrapped filming.

Official stills from the production have been released and it shows a grim supernatural thriller filled with high stake moments for the K-Pop idols.

As noted by website Soompi, director Yoo Sun-dong's upcoming horror feature '0.0MHz' released a set of four new stills featuring Apink's Eunji and INFINITE's Sungyeol while they were filming scenes for the movie. The movie wrapped filming on August 31.

The first still features INFINITE's Sungyeol. The photo shows the K-pop idol completely drenched and being wrapped in what appears to be a towel, by a character whose face cannot be seen. It is possible that Sungyeol's character may have fallen into a pond or a river, thanks to a supernatural entity's machinations.

The second still shows Apink's Eunji seated in a cafe. She has a white laptop open in front of her and is looking something up with keen interest. A half-finished coffee lies at her side. It is possible she may have stumbled upon some deadly secret regarding something spooky that her character experiences in '0.0MHz.'

The third and fourth stills show the five main cast members of '0.0MHz' having a light moment at the sets of the movie

Eunji will play a character called So Hee, who has been seeing ghosts from a young age. Sungyeol will play an engineering student who likes So Hee. Choi Yoon-young, on the other hand, will play a character who is a necromancer.

Jung Won-chang will be Tae Soo -- her boyfriend and the leader of the club. In most horror movies, there is a staple character whose wrong choices put the lives of the others in danger. Sin Joo-hwan's Han Seok will fill that quota.

'0.0MHz,' which is based on a webtoon of the same name, involves members of a club who are haunted by ghosts, venturing into a mysterious abandoned house to investigate the paranormal happenings and find a way to stop them. In case you're wondering, 0.0MHz is the name of the group in the movie.

'0.0MHz' is set for a release in the first half of 2019.