Jeong Jinwoon
Still from Jeong Jinwoon's new maxi single 'Koong! Pop!'

K-pop boy band 2AM singer Jeong Jinwoon made his comeback on September 2 with the release of his maxi single 'Koong! Pop!' In a recent interview, the singer opened up about the themes of the songs in his song.

As noted by website Soompi, Jeong Jinwoon's maxi single 'koong! Pop!' consists of the title track "All I Need is You," "My Head Hurts" and "Shine." Jinwoon revealed how each song expresses different concerns faced by the youth.

"The song itself is fun, but the lyrics express concerns that people my age have. 'All I Need is You' is about being interested in someone amidst a boring everyday life, 'My Head Hurts' is about a man who's still awkward at dating, and 'Shine' tells the story of youth taking on challenges," the 27-year-old idol said about the three songs in the single.

The singer was actively involved in writing the lyrics for all three songs. He also mixed alternative rock sounds with synth-pop music to make the tracks sound more energetic for the listener. Jinwoon said that the tracks are easy on the ear and are quite catchy.

"This single is full of songs that you can have fun listening to without thinking about anything. I made a sing-along part in the chorus, so it'll be easy for people to sing along at performances," the 2AM member said.

The singer also added, "[My music] has many colours and I like expressing that. You can tell if you listen to the songs I've released so far. I want to continue attempting many things and enjoy making music."

Jeong Jinwoon made his debut as a member of the South Korean boy band 2AM on 11 July, 2008. On 7 August 2011, the music video of his first solo single, "You Walking Towards Me" was released; written and composed by him. On July 11 this year, 2AM's Jeong Jinwoon and Jo Kwon celebrated the boy band's 10th anniversary together, notes Soompi.

Jinwoon also spoke of his appearances in dramas and variety shows saying, "I feel really happy when I hear, 'You live in a really fun way.' In order to live that way, I'm going to continue making music and have fun in dramas and on variety shows."

The maxi single 'Koong! Pop!' was released on September 2 at 6 pm KST. The music video will be released on September 3.