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Director Pandiraj's Telugu movie Chinna Babu, featuring Karthi, Sayyeshaa and Sathyaraj in the lead roles, has received positive reviews and good ratings from the audience.

Chinna Babu is an intense family drama that is high on entertainment quotient. It is the dubbed version of Tamil movie Kadaikutty Singam, which is produced by Suriya under his banner 2D Entertainment. The movie has received a U certificate from the censor board and it has runtime of 2.28 hours.

Chinna Babu movie story: Chinna Babu (Karthi) is the last kid of village leader (Satyaraj) born after five daughters. He is a farmer and always wants to prove his profession as a respectful job. But he gets into a fight with a gang. How he fights against his enemies forms the crux of the story.

Analysis: Chinna Babu deals with routine family drama and some romance, action and situational humour scenes keep you hooked on to your seats. The first half has nothing much to offer in terms of story, which gains momentum only before the interval. The second half is good. The film is high on Tamil flavor and it is predictable and dragging in parts, say the audience.

Performances: Karthi has delivered brillinat performance and he impresses you in romance, action and comedy scenes. Sayyeshaa looks cute and her chemistry with the hero is good. Sathyaraj, Priya Bhavani Shankar, Bhanupriya, Viji Chandrasekhar, Arthana Binu, Ponvannan and others have also done good jobs and they are the assets of the film, say the viewers.

Technical: Chinna Babu has decent production values. Village setups, picturisation, background score, action choreography and punch dialogues are the attractions on the technical front, add the audience.

Chinna Babu movie review live updates: We bring you some viewers' verdict on the film shared on Twitter.

Raghava‏ @Raghava4mahesh

First half is good Bullock cart race Karthi entry, Dialogues praising farmers. and rural based story is all about a huge extended Joint family. #ChinnaBabu #KadaiKuttySingam Good content With heavy dose of sentiment. Director Pandiraj is delivering a film with appeal of family sections & farmer pride. Interval fight & family twist #ChinnaBabu #KadaiKuttySingam Karthi ,Sayyeshaa ,Soori ,Sathyaraj performances are neat and decent Kaalai Theme is a mass theme elevations on Karthi fights & Bullock cart scene. BGM score,Imman Production values,Village setups are okayish. #ChinnaBabu #KadaiKuttySingam #ChinnaBabu : The film's 80s, 90s-style treatment family entertainer heavy dose. One extended large family, realistic family drama entertainer and about farmer issues. #KadaiKuttySingam #ChinnaBabu movie my rating 2.5/5 average entertainer second half is with heavy emotions & weak screenplay Pandiraj targeted family audiences and its caters family wholesome entertainer. @Karthi_Offl - @sayyeshaa makes a good pair. Soori comedy,Imman BGM highlights. The screenplay is formed with Krishnam Raju , Rudra Raju ,Neerada characters. Rest of the story solve all his family problems.

AJ Ajay‏ @ajaycherry84

@Karthi_Offl @pandiraj_dir Sir am from Telangana.#Chinnababu is massage block buster flick.Perfect direction,Screenplay and excellent performance by all ladies Especially the Temple scene was . I will take my family to #Chinnababu. Thankyou pandi raj for giving #Chinnababu

Karthik‏ @HeIsKARTHIK

#ChinnaBabu - (2.5/5) Okayish FAMILY Entertainer 1st half is good in parts, 2nd half turns too Emotional. Karthi's speech on Farmer's issue stands Best. May Appeal much to B,C centres. In all, #KadaiKuttySingam is yet another Routine Regular commercial flick in Rural backdrop.

Ranjith Kumar‏ @TheGabbeta

#ChinnaBabu View Point: Family audiences will flock to the theatres! If not, it would be a surprise for me. Except the flavour of Tamil nativity, the movie perfectly worked for me.. #KadaikuttySingam

Shreyas Sriniwaas‏ @shreyasmedia

@Karthi_Offl needs a special mention 4r carrying d film on his shoulders perfectly. He fits perfectly as young farmer Dir #PandiRaj is a pro in dealing d family bondings @sayyeshaa's screen presence is excellent.BGM is good perfect family entertainer 4r weekend #ChinnaBabu

VamsiShekar‏ @UrsVamsiShekar

#ChinnaBabu is a good blend of family emotions, action packed and addressing the issues of farmers. @Karthi_Offl as farmer is adorable and delivers a powerful performance. Director @pandiraj_dir succeeds @dwarakacreation @2D_ENTPVTLTD @SF2_official

Praveen RFan‏ @PraveenMogadala

#ChinnaBabu Though it's a regular commercial film, well written with good scenes, dialogues and good interval block!!! @Karthi_Offl @sayyeshaa @immancomposer @pandiraj_dir.

Cinema Radar‏ @cinema_radar

#ChinnaBabu Movie Review - Decent Rural Family Drama @Karthi_Offl is Excellent , Basic plot, Some Emotions , Narration , Decent Family Scenes Overdose of sentiment , Slow pace , Weak villain , Predictable Scenes #ChinnaBabu Works with Family Audience - 3/5 #KadaiKuttySingam #ChinnaBabu Might work in b,c center's due to its heavy and loud emotions * Second half is Melodramatic Overall Regular Rural Family Drama which has its Moments.

SKN‏ @SKNonline

#Chinababu is a wholesome family entertainer wth good dose of entertainment & emotions,Pandi raj deals a story relates everyone well @Karthi_Offl scores another success after Khaki @Suriya_offl surprise cameo @sayyeshaa looks cute & did well Watch it wth ur family & relatives There is a good under current message abt farmers & agriculture in #ChinnaBabu #KadaiKuttySingam the makers should be appreciated for it Incorporated it in a family entertainer @Suriya_offl @Karthi_Offl @rajsekarpandian @pandiraj_dir #ChinnababuFromToday

Vamshi 143 :)‏ @TarakFan143

#Chinnababu : Good 1st half & Entertaining @Karthi_Offl as KrishnamRaju & @sayyeshaa Looks Beautiful #Chinnababu : Emotional Family Entertainer Must watch Movie For Telugu Audience Loved it #Chinnababu : @Karthi_Offl Thanks For Selecting this kind of Story and reminding us Family Relations ❤

Md Hussain S⚡‏ @ItsHusanyS

Watched #ChinnaBabu #KadaikuttySingam A Beautiful Family Movie Luv & Emotions, Collaboration Of Bros Is Just Blockbuster @Suriya_offl U Always Remains Great HumanBeing & Luved Superstar @Karthi_Offl Great Performance As Always @sayyeshaa Beautiful ❤ @pandiraj_dir Well Directed

LokeshFan - NY‏ @LokeshFan

#ChinnaBabu Below Average!

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