It looks like the Chennai Super Kings have landed in some hot water thanks to a tweet. Reportedly, The Chennai Super Kings suspended its team doctor Madhu Thottappillil after the latter published a 'controversial' tweet around the Indo-China border standoff. The stand-off between India and China is very delicate and may even escalate. And to make an insensitive comment like that without considering the circumstances between India and China was impetuous to say the least.  

India and China are currently engaged in a tense stand-off, several soldiers have made the ultimate sacrifice for the defence of the nation. At such a time, any tweet made in bad taste about the situation is likely to be put under scrutiny.  

Chennai Super Kings
Chennai Super Kings won their third IPL title on Sunday, May 27.IANS

Apparently, several Twitter users had tagged the team on the microblogging site, demanding accountability and validation over Madhu's tweet.

The management of The Chennai Super Kings distanced themselves from the doctor and the tweet by saying that it was not aware of the personal tweet and expressed regret for the tweet. They added that Dr. Madhu Thottappillil had been suspended from his position as the Team Doctor.

Doctor Madhu had takjen a pot shot at the Prime Minister by tweeting, "Just curious if the coffins will come back with a "PM Cares' sticker on them?" His tweet was supposed to be shot against the PM Cares fund. A fund, the doctor apparently didn't believe was being put to good use.