The new couple on Celebrity Big Brother season 20, Sarah Harding and Chad Johnson, couldn't keep their hands off of each other. Sarah and Chad, who recently made their relationship official on the show, sparked sex rumours as they were sharing the same bed after they became official.

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The news was a little shocking for all the viewers as Sarah was in a committed relationship outside the house. But the CBB viewers were left surprised when the Girls Aloud star was seen groping her new beau's privates under the covers. The new couple drew a backlash from the netizens for such intimacy in front of the cameras in the Channel 5 reality show.

Sarah Harding and Chad Johnson
Sarah Harding and Chad JohnsonTwitter/ Big Brother UK

They were so over each other that they forgot to remove their mics. In the clip, The Bachelorette star is seen rattling off, "This is hard." And, the English singer took it wrong as she asked," Sharing a bed?" Then he made it more clear when he said, "Can you not feel that?"

CBB fans took to social media platform to react to such graphic scenes. Take a look here.