Students appear in ICSE class 10 exams in Kolkata on Feb 26, 2018 [Representational picture]
Accountancy paper leaked.[Representational picture]IANS

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has clarifierd that the Acountacy paper of Class 12 has not been leaked.

The board held the Accountancy exam Thursday.

It added that some miscreants had tried to play mischief by circulating messages through WhatsApp and social media to disturb sanctity of examinations, reported ANI.

Earlier reports had said that the Acountacy paper of Class 12 had been allegedly leaked on WhatsApp, following which the board had scraped the exam.

The questions of the Accountancy paper had been doing rounds on WhatsApp since Wednesday evening. In fact, Education Minister Manish Sisodia had confirmed that the questions, which were circulated on social media, have matched with the set -II of the CBSE paper.

"I had asked the Secretary and Directorate of Education to check and it is confirmed, the questions matches with set -II," Sisodia told The Indian Express.

The report also said that the source of the paper is allegedly the Rohini area in the North West of New Delhi.

However, it is being said that it might the job of a CBSE employee, sources told News 18.

Sisodia has added that "swift action must be taken, so that hard-working students don't suffer due to negligence of CBSE".