Elon Musk is widely considered as one of the greatest visionaries in the world of business and science, and he is currently planning his human mission to Mars. The founder of SpaceX, it is the dream of several young people to get a job in his company. However, getting a job in Elon Musk's company is not an easy task, as a person should clear several rounds of interviews. And now, Elon Musk's favorite question at SpaceX job interviews has gone viral on online spaces. 

The tricky question from Elon Musk

Elon Musk used to ask a tricky question to job aspirants to understand their thought process, and if they succeed in impressing the South African billionaire, they will get a job in SpaceX. According to an authorized biography written by Ashlee Vance, this question is designed to put people on the spot, and see what they're really made of. 

Mars (Left), Elon Musk (Right)Pixabay, YouTube

A video of this tricky question was shared on Tik Tok by a user named @pinkpencilmath, and it will undoubtedly stun you. 

"Elon Musk asked this question to people that interviewed at SpaceX and Tesla. Think you can get it? Let's try! You're standing on the surface of the Earth. You take a walk one mile south, one mile west and one mile north. You end up exactly where you started. Where are you?" the Tik Tok user told the Mirror. 

Answer for Elon Musk's tricky question

Several netizens soon came forward with their answer to this tricky question framed by Elon Musk. 

"There are a few solutions. One is the North Pole but anywhere one mile north of a place close to the South Pole where you can walk in a west-east direction where a full rotation is 1mi/1/2mi/1/3mi etc," one person commented. 

"One mile west of where you started?" suggests another one. 

However, to pressurize the job seekers, Elon Musk would ask one more question, "Where else could you be?"

"The other answer is somewhere close to the South Pole where, if you walk one mile south, the circumference of the Earth becomes one mile," explained biographer Vance. 

Elon Musk had recently expressed his wish to visit Mars despite narrow chances of survival. He admitted that the journey to Mars will be very challenging, and made it clear that the future government that will be set up on the Red Planet could be based on direct democracy.