In an extremely well-planned attack, a 30-year-old man from Darjeeling, who resided in Bengaluru's Byatarayanapura along with his wife and two-year-old twin daughters have been attacked by a gang of five men who then took away his new phone and money. Rohith Thapa, who owns a Chinese food outlet in Sahakarnagar was attacked by the gang with a knife.


Gang thrashes and robs Bengaluru man 

As per the sources, Thapa, along with his friend, was on his scooter when one among the accused approached him for a help. Thapa, unknownst of the impending attack, offered the accused a lift.

Soon, on their way, the accused asked Thapa to stop near a flyover in Mahadevapura and tried to steal his phone. The rest among the gang too reached the spot immediately and thrashed the victim, severely wounding him with a knife. They accused him for spreading the coronavirus and of being a Chinese national.

Thapa has been residing in the city for the past two years and was running a Chinese food outlet. As the lockdown relaxations came into effect, the man planned to reopen his business following which occurred the gruesome attack.

According to Thapa, he and his friend gave lift to the accused man and the three were riding on the bike when the man asked them to stop by the flyover at Udayanagar, where the Metro construction work is going on. The man then requested Thapa to lend his phone as he didn't have one to call his friends. Thapa gave him his new phone that was brought just a day before the incident.

"He called his friends and then kept my phone inside his pocket and when I asked him to return my phone, he started abusing me. Within minutes, four of his friends came to the spot and started fighting with me, accusing me of being a Chinese national and spreading the coronavirus. One of them took out a knife and asked us to move inside the Metro work area where they threatened us to handover all the money we had," said Thapa.

Man left wounded by robbers

Even his friend's phone was taken away by the gang who then asked Thapa to hand over his wallet. When resisted, the gang stabbed Thapa with the knife on his back and then on the shoulder.

"I held on to my pant pockets to prevent them from taking my wallet. But they cut my pants with the knife and my wallet fell out. The knife left a gash in my thighs and I started bleeding. They also slashed my two fingers and tried to take my gold ring away. They took all the Rs. 7,000 in the wallet," he added.

The gang fled from the spot when his friend started calling out for help. Thapa was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital where he had to get multiple stitches on seven deep injuries.

The gang has stolen all the money that he reserved to buy groceries and for their train journey back home. Due to the attack, he was not able to open his outlet either. "Because of the lockdown, we have spent all our savings and now we are left with nothing. We are desperately waiting to return home," he said helplessly.

Thapa has registered a case at the Mahadevapura police station and the police are searching the CCTV footage for the accused who fled from the spot.