A Bengaluru businessman went through a harrowing experience when he was forcefully pulled out of his car, forced to strip naked and attacked with machetes by eight men. He managed to escape by first hiding under a bus and then behind a bush. 

The incident happened at Nandini Layout in Bengaluru when the victim, Dhananjay, and four other friends were returning home after dinner last week. Dhananjay was sitting in the front passenger seat while his friend Sagar, a driver by profession, was driving the car, reports Bangalore Mirror.

In his complaint, Sagar said, "On Friday night, Dhananjay had called me and three other friends and we went for dinner after work. We were carrying about Rs 2.3 lakh with us and were heading back home. Around 11:30 pm, when we were going from Jai Maruthi Nagar circle towards Kurubarahalli, we saw two men standing in the middle of the road and blocking our way. Dhananjay got down from the car and asked them to move their bikes when the two picked up a fight."

He went on to explain that the rest of them too got out of the car to make peace with the two men and asked them to let the car pass through. They agreed and the men went back to the car.

However, as the five of them got into the car, the vehicle was surrounded by eight men with machetes and they began attacking the car. Sagar said that he tried to move the car, but the assailants stopped it and dragged Dhananjay out of the vehicle.

Sagar recounted that the friends found Dhananjay half-naked. He was only wearing his shirt and it was stained with blood. He was hiding behind a bush and waiting for the assailants to go away.

Dhananjay sustained injuries behind his ears, four gashes on his head, and a cut on his left leg. 

"We immediately alerted the police and took him to a private hospital and later shifted him to Ramaiah hospital. Meanwhile, the police caught a couple of the suspects. I immediately recognised them and informed the police, who arrested them. Two of them had shirts stained with my friend's blood. They had even hidden their weapons," Sagar said.

Sagar filed a complaint with the police on Saturday. The Nandini Layout police have charged them under section 307 (attempt to murder) of the Indian Penal Code.

When asked for the reason behind the attack, the police said that it was just to show power since the cash wasn't taken from the vehicle.