"Brooklyn Nine-Nine" season 3 will premiere on 27 September and ahead of that, we have some scoops regarding what can be expected in the coming episodes.

Captain Holt, who has left the B-99 precinct to join the PR department, is still a part of the show. However, he will be replaced in the precinct itself by borderline-crazy Captain Seth Dozerman. We will also explore the new relationship of Jake and Amy a little bit.

Regarding the new captain, that will be played by Bill Hader, Andy Samberg's old pal from "SNL", the Samberg tells EW, "Captain Dozerman is a severely anal-retentive personality…He is not an obvious fit with the precinct — and Jake in particular — but Jake does his best to acclimate.." Then contradicting his own statement Samberg adds that Dozerman is a "borderline lunatic", which makes him a good fit at the Nine-Nine.

Regarding working with his long-time friend Samberg said, "It was great to see Bill and work together again. It's basically 'Laser Cats' set in the past with a way bigger budget". So, we have this great reunion to look forward to, when "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" returns with season 3.

However, fans are more restless to see how the relationship between Jake (Andy Samberg) and Amy (Melissa Fumero) pans out in the upcoming episodes. We saw Jake and Amy finally admitting to their feelings and making out amid the file compartments, after receiving the news that their beloved Captain Holt is leaving the precinct.

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Although they are smitten by each other, Amy learned while dating Teddy (Kyle Bornheimer) that dating someone in the force is not such a great idea, which is one of the reasons that stopped her from pursuing a relationship with Jake.

They will try to keep the relationship under wraps for as long as they can; which might not be too long, considering they work with cops, and also because most of them know Jake and Amy are attracted to each other.

Some fan theories also suggest that in the coming season, we will see Jake and Amy looking for a place to live together. As we all know, Jake is dirtier and messier than most people, whereas Amy is a neat-freak. It will be interesting to see how the couple tackles the nuances of living with someone so completely different from them.

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Along with Jake, his right-hand man Charles (Joe Lo Truglio) is also scheduled for some on-screen romance when "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" returns". As we reported earlier, one of his love interests will be an art gallery owner. 

It is understood that he will also date "The Good Wife" actress Archie Panjabi when the Fox show returns. She is set to appear in season 3 episode 2, as an officer who is romantically interested in Boyle.

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