"Brooklyn None-Nine" Season 2 had concluded with a surprising twist that has left fans worried about the future of two of their favourite characters, Captain Holt and Gina. The duo has left the 99th precinct for the Public Relations Office as of the Season 2 finale, and fans are wondering whether someone new will replace Holt in Season 3 or Andre Braugher will return to reprise the role.

It has been confirmed that although Braugher and Chelsea Peretti, who plays the incomparable Gina in "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" will be prominent characters in Season 3, they will not have a strong presence in the initial episodes. Although the series will follow Holt and Gina to the PR universe, the 99th precinct will still be the focus of the show and a new captain will come to take Holt's place.

The new captain, who is rumoured to bring along his own Gina to the new workplace, has not been cast as yet. However, he will cause a sort of ripple effect. Jake (Andy Samberg) will experience a similar pain that he felt when his father abandoned him as a boy. Although this time around, he has his 'more-than-friend' Amy (Melissa Fumero) to help him cope with it.

After two seasons of "will they-won't they", Amy and Jake's romance has finally started blossoming. They are friends and co-workers, who immensely respect each other but are polar opposites as individuals. Their relationship will be properly explored in the upcoming Season 3.

Fans can also look forward to seeing some new actors and hopefully, under-appreciated comedians as well in Season 3, when they introduce Captain Holt's new colleagues. "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" has a history of casting some of the best guest stars, and hopefully, the tradition will be maintained.

Watch out for the premiere episode of "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" Season 3 on Sunday, 27 September on FOX.